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Wedding in Split – Villa Dalmacija

 Villa Dalmacija, Split one of the best wedding venues in Croatia.

Today we are going to talk about one of the most popular wedding venues in Croatia.

Villa Dalmacija is located in Split, near the city centre in the Marjan Park forrest.

This location is absolutely perfect, because you are close to the craziness of the town and all that it has to offer, but you are still seculated and have a feeling of total privacy.

Villa Dalmacija was actually a summer residence of the communist leader Tito. It is said that the villa was a place of relaxation and sort of a love den for all of his lovers at the time.

The rooms in the villa are still intact from that time, but it’s not free to use or view when you book it for the wedding.

Villa Dalmacija was also featured on Game of Thrones. A fun fact that’s usually overlooked, because the focus is on Dubrovnik.

The villa was a set for Dorne and it was completely transformed for the role.

However, none of this things are the actual reason why villa Dalmacija is so popular when it comes to weddings.

villa dalmacia wedding

Top 5 reasons why Villa Dalmacija is the perfect wedding venue in Croatia:

  1. It’s courtyard. The wedding dinner and party is usually held in the courtyard. The courtyard has a beautiful small fountain in the middle, palm trees, flowers.. It is totally romantic and unique. The best part? Even though it’s a courtyard, you still have the sea view right there.
  2. It has a plan B. Well, depending on the number of guests. But a lot of these historic and majestic wedding venues don’t have a plan b. Villa Dalmacija has one, and it’s pretty good.
  3. It has a private beach. You aren’t really allowed to swim there, but you have the whole sea and surrounding space all to yourself. You can play with the space around the villa and use it for a couples photoshoot, cocktail hour, ceremony etc. The space includes a small forrest, a peer and the sea.
  4. The music policy is until 2 AM. Keep in mind the usual time is midnight on the Dalmatian coast. Villa Dalmacija is one of the exceptions and you can party hard until 2 AM.
  5. Good value for money. The rental fee for the space is 5.500,00 eu. That isn’t a small amount, but compared to some places with a similar vibe it’s actually more affordable. This venue has the luxury look, but for a price that doesn’t require a luxe budget.
wedding venues in croatia, villa dalmacija split

Some other things to keep in mind while thinking about villa Dalmacija:

  1. It is city owned. Meaning, you are completely secure when booking the villa. There isn’t any fear that the venue will be sold, or big changes will happen to it. The contract is made between you and the city of Split.
  2. The fact that it’s city owned leaves no room for negotiation. There are a few rules (not too many I promise) that aren’t going to be bent for anyone.
  3. Hiring a wedding planner for this location is highly recommended. You need someone local that has been through the process with the city, and knows exactly what they are doing.
  4. Booking the villa a year, year and a half in advance is almost mandatory. This is one of the few wedding venues in Croatia that gets booked out pretty fast. There are always some dates available, but you need to be really flexible with the month and open to booking a weekday wedding.
  5. When you book the villa, you only get the space. All the inventory and the food, drinks, staff will come from the catering company. Good news is Split has some amazing catering options.

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villa dalmacija wedding venue

Our wedding at Villa Dalmacija

When our clients contacted us mid – planning their grand wedding in Villa Dalmacija Split, we had only three months to plan the event.

The thing is, some couples just NEED a la carte wedding planning.

Beyond the usual vendors, menus, designs, etc. that are offered in packages.

Tome & Yelena were one of those couples.

They needed time to realize that standard wedding packages and vendors weren’t for them. They needed a more personalized approach.

We were on a mission to incorporate Croatian traditions with their New Yorker aesthetic while finding exciting new vendors and making their dreams come true.

villa dalmacija wedding

The Venue Villa Dalmacija in Split 

The venue our clients chose before they found us was the magnificent Villa Dalmacija – Split.

The villa is fairly close to the city center of Split, but it offers complete privacy right next to the sea.

The wedding venue in question is a beautiful historic venue that has everything you need for an absolutely magic wedding in Croatia.

Keep in mind that the venue itself needs to be booked at least one year in advance, because it’s one of the most popular wedding venues in Croatia.

Our couple had Villa Dalmacija booked before they came to us, so the rest of the planning could have been done in a short time span.

When renting out the villa you get access to inside space (in case of rain), outside space, the woods around the villa (great for photoshoots), the pier, and a super – cute backyard.

We used the whole space for various events during the day.

Another fun fact is that villa Dalmacija was used as part of Dorne in Game of Thrones.

So yes, you can get married on a Game of Thrones set.

The backyard was used for cocktail hour, the pier for the ceremony, the surroundings for the couple’s photoshoot, and the open space of the villa itself for the reception.

The Groom

Since our groom has Croatian roots, he got ready in another town.

His American friends and his Croatian family enjoyed traditional finger food and good company.

They traveled to Split by bus and kept the fun going along the way.

This was a great way of cherishing the groom’s Croatian roots.

The Bride

While the guys were enjoying their time away from Split, the bride’s crew was getting ready in a rental close to Villa Dalmacija.

What I loved was the fact the bride had a mix of girls and boys as “bridesmaids” and this is how we got these awesome pics.

villa dalmacija wedding

The Symbolic wedding ceremony at the villa

Our clients decided to have a symbolic ceremony.

This is something we recommend to all of our clients, because who wants to deal with complicated bureaucracy before their wedding day?

The ceremony was held at the peer at villa Dalmacija.

The beautiful, a Pinterest-worthy arch made the whole thing even better than we all imagined. The sun is responsible for the amazing light we have in these photos, but most importantly the couple’s chemistry and love are the keys to this emotional part of the wedding.

wedding in split croatia

Cocktail hour in the garden of Villa Dalmacija

After the ceremony, the guests went to enjoy cocktail hour in the backyard of villa Dalmacija.

While mingling and drinking seriously AMAZING cocktails, they listened to the beauty of Croatian klapa singing. If you want to incorporate a little bit of Croatian culture into your wedding, klapa is the way to go. Their amazing love songs go great with sipping cocktails.

cocktails split
cocktails split

Couples photoshoot on the grounds of the venue

While the guests cooled-off with cocktails couples usually go with the photographer to do their shoot.

If you feel that’s absolutely not your thing, you don’t need to do it.

But if you feel you would like to do it, then it’s important to have a photographer that fits your personality. This means, they shouldn’t be only good with technique but an amazing people that’s going to relax you and get the best photos possible.

Villa Dalmacija is special because you have spots on the grounds that are great for a couples photoshoot. You also get some privacy and don’t need to worry about guests watching.

Our photographer Barbara Tursan, did just that, and, well here are some of the results:

barbara tursan photography


The reception started with the bride and groom entering.

after that they had their first dance, then there was dinner and speeches, throwing the bouquet and a lot of fun.

To make all that happen we needed to plan it perfectly.

Our clients really love music, and they wanted a strong band to perform during the night.

One more really important thing was that their English had to be perfect.

When music is a priority, finding the perfect live band might be tricky.

We managed to find a young, fresh, amazing band from another town, that traveled to Split and absolutely nailed it.

wedding in croatia - Villa Dalmacija

One more challenge we had was that all the food served had to be gluten-free.

Our bride has a gluten intolerance, and she struggles with food at every event. Since this was her day she wanted to serve delicious traditional food – that was gluten-free.

Even though we knew this was going to be challenging. We loved the possibility of our bride being relaxed about the food on her big day.

The amazing menu was designed specifically for our clients, by a catering company in Split. They did their best to create the yummiest meat, fish, and vegetarian options made from gluten-free – local produce.

The cake was designed by super-talented Jelena from Dolcemania.

dolcemania split - Villa Dalmacija

And then, there was the light. We all thought that we needed a vendor to provide some professional lights, but we also wanted to keep it as natural as possible.

So we had the whole villa lighted up, in natural warm tones and some additional light for party time.

Floral & stationery

If you google villa Dalmacija weddings, you’ll see a bunch of pastel/romantic/classical decorations that are typically used in this venue.

We wanted to keep the romantic aspect of the flowers, but also add a more modern look.

We did it by deciding on an overall style and theme that was seen across the design elements in this wedding.

The theme our couple decided on was a jungle vibe, with gold details, and a mix of exotic flowers with blush shades of regular flowers.

We used the jungle theme for the stationery to make the overall look even more modern.

stationery design croatia - Villa Dalmacija

After an intensive planning period and a lot of work and love that both us and the couple have put into this wedding. We managed to get a great combination of modern style, elegant setting, fun music, traditional food, and drinks. The result was an emotional, beautiful, fun night for both the guests and the couple.

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