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Cost of wedding in Croatia

How much does a wedding in Croatia cost?

It's hard to put a correct price tag on a wedding in Croatia, but we can try.

Weddings in Croatia are cheaper compared to some other popular Europe wedding destinations (such as Italy and South of France).

However, cheaper doesn't always mean cheap.

Cost of destination weddings in Croatia depends a lot on the clients wishes, but we did manage to determine some average pricing.

Keep in mind the prices vary based on reagion, number of people, complexity of the event, the quality of the vendors you would like to have, the number of said vendors etc.

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Cost of wedding in Croatia by average

The average destination wedding in Croatia has between 70-90 guests, it is usually planned in the Dalmatia region. The prices vary based on the wishes of clients, but also if the venue is on land or on an island.

The average budgets for said weddings are:

20-40 people - 25.000,00 eu

40-70 people - 35.000,00 eu

70-90 people - 50.000,00 eu

90-100 people - 60.000,00 eu

*Elopements and micro weddings in Croatia are so different, it's impossible to write down even the approx prices.

*Multy day events in the Luxury category are also priced differently

The budgets, and ALL the prices might go lower and higher depending on the couple.

Keep in mind these are approximate numbers

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Wedding planner cost

2.500,00 eu

8.000,00 eu

4.000,00 eu

Venue rental (if there's one) cost

1.000 eu

25.000,00 eu

5.500,00 eu

Menu cost

80,00 eu p/p

300,00 eu p/p

140,00 eu p/p

Drinks cost

40,00 eu p/p

200,00 eu p/p

90,00 eu p/p

Photographer cost

1.900,,00 eu

11.000,00 eu

2.900,00 eu

Videographer cost

1.900,00 eu

8.000 eu

2.800,00 eu

DJ cost

1.800,00 eu

3.000 eu

2.000,00 eu

Band cost

3.000,00 eu

12.000 eu

4.000,00 eu

Decor (flowers + stationery) cost

2.000,00 eu

15.000 eu

3.000,00 eu

Hair + Make up cost

140 eu p/p for both

300 eu p/p

160,00 eu

Cake cost

300,00 eu

2.000 eu p/p

160,00 eu

How to save money on your wedding in Croatia?

Prioritize your vendors

Make a list of vendors that are worth spending money to you, some opt to invest more into photo + video, some into decor, others find the music to be the most important part. Spend the money where it matters to you, and save on the vendors that don't matter to you as much. You can save some money on vendors by choosing someone that's just starting out, or to opt out of premium services and book someone more traditional.

Choose a less popular destination in Croatia

Instead of looking into Dubrovnik (the most expensive place to get married in Croatia), look at some places that aren't so popular.

Same applies to venues, every town has popular wedding venues (and for a reason), you can always choose a tavern, or a restaurant that isn't so popular when it comes to weddings.

Hire a wedding planner

This isn't self promotion I promise, but hiring a wedding planner provides you not only the informations and the connections to the locals, but also a savvy wedding planner can help you save some money. Don't expect miracles though, there's a limit when it comes to saving.

cost of wedding in croatia

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