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Alternative weddings – The Wedding Style Guide

Alternative weddings are a good way to have a special wedding designed for your personality and needs. 

Are you tired of browsing endless Pinterest pages of wedding inspiration and not finding anything?

Do you really just want to do whatever you want and not conform to traditional wedding styles?

Well, why didn’t you just say so?

If you pick an alternative style for your wedding, the sky is literally the limit. Combine all of your favorite ideas with a common thread and just enjoy everything you ever wanted.

This is, of course, the ideal option for every couple with an abundance of creativity and a wish to use it for good.

The first instance to use all that pent up creativity is, of course, the stationery. If a plain, white, paper rectangle with your info is not something you want to represent your big day, just don’t do it.

Invitations & stationery in alternative weddings

A very modern practice these days is to abandon the usual format. Create an extra-long wedding invitation and fold it several times for a unique form.

Or even go for a square, diamond, or if you’re really feeling adventurous, a circle!

Of course, you might be thinking, this isn’t a major change we were hoping for.

Well, what if you abandon paper altogether? Plenty of modern wedding stationery is being made on alternative materials.

Maybe cloth? Would you like to send out shirts with all of your important wedding information on it? Why not? Or even see-through plastic foil which we guarantee will make a strong impact when you hand your invitations out.

This philosophy can now be transferred to pretty much every aspect of your wedding.


If you feel like the usual floral arrangements don’t suit your needs, then just spice it up. Pick a bold color and roll with it. Use the same color for the table settings, candles, your outfits or anything else you might want.

The real strength of an alternative wedding comes from all the additional possibilities you might want to infuse.

Details in alternative weddings 

A few areas you can let your creativity run wild are small ‘thank you’ gifts or a guest book.

Give out a bunch of disposable cameras and let the guests be their own wedding photographers. Give the guests their own papers and let them write a message for your first wedding anniversary, a challenge to add to your bucket list or just a piece of advice for the future.

So if you don’t like the usual wedding formula, create your own! Nothing should stop you from achieving your own custom perfect wedding day.

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