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Wedding venues in Croatia

About wedding venues in croatia

When we talk about wedding venues in Croatia, we first need to discuss it's regions. In the world of wedding planning we divide Croatian regions a bit differently then they are officially divided. Each region has it's own pro's and con's, and when you're choosing your perfect wedding venue in Croatia, you should first choose the region that fits your vision the best.

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Wedding Venues in Dalmacija region

wedding planner in hvar

We divide the Dalmacija region into two categories. The coast and the islands.

With two airports at your desposal you can fly into the town of Split or into the town of Zadar. If you opt. for an island wedding, depending on the island you would hop onto a ferry in one of these towns.

The region offers a wide range of wedding venues in Croatia. All you need to do is pick the style you like, and we will do the rest.

Pro's of the region:

Everything is close. You can have a wedding on the coast, and then organise a trip to the islands or vice versa.

The region is sunny, fun, full of good food and colorful locals.

Con's of the region:

It can get pretty crowded in the season. Some venues are pretty booked out, so in some cases the planning needs to start earlier.

Our favorite wedding venues on the Dalmatian coast

Wedding venues in Split, Croatia

Find your perfect wedding venue in Croatia, and explore the town of Split. Get all the information you need at one place. All you need to know about wedding venues in Split, prices, and more is just a click away!

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Zori timeless

Wedding venues on the island of Hvar

The island of Hvar is a perfect weding destination for couples looking for a good nightlife, amazing wedding venue options, great food, clean beaches and beautiful culture.

The island of Vis wedding venues

It is hard to pick your favorite spot in Croatia, especially when you love your country as much as we do, but there's just something real special about the island of Vis. This island has such a relaxing and fun vibe, that even Croatians get surprised by it. Filled with small art galleries, cool tours, amazing beaches, history, locals filled with positivity, Vis island is always a good idea. Oh, and did we mention it was a set for Mamma mia 2?

Fort George

fort george

Fort George is one of the most desirable wedding venues in Croatia.

A historical fort, with a breathtaking vies, in house kitchen, light and sound system and amazing staff, it's one of our personal favorites too.

Here, you really get your moneys worth. Keep in mind the demand for this venue is high, and it needs to be booked on time.

Quick info:

It doesn't offer acommodation on site

Sea view: yes

Number of people: 70 - 150

Rental fee: 6.000 eu

Approx price p/p for dinner: 130 eu

Service charge: 1.000 eu

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tavern lola vis wedding

Lola's has a cute little garden and overall a very romantic vibe around it. Even though it's a tavern, it's one with a twist. With modern cousine based on locally sourced ingredients, it is a perfect spot for smaller weddings.

Quick info

Doesn't offer acommodation on site.

Sea view: no

Approx price p/p for dinner: 170 eu p/p

Number of people: 40-70

Rental fee: depending on the season

Villa Lucia

Olive villas Krk wedding

Villa Lucia is located in Rukavac, a clamer part of Vis with one of the best beaches. The villa sleeps 9 people. The owners are super acommodating and helpful so you would be in great hands.

Quick info

Sleeps 9

Sea view: yes

Price upon request

Number of people: 9 -30

Other island options

Croatia has over 1000 islands so it's really hard to cover them all. In our next category we will mention additional wedding venues on Croatian islands.

Hotel Arbiana, Rab

Hotel arbiana, rab wedding

The island of Rab is known as the Happy island, and it holds the title from the Roman times. It truly is a place to be happy and positive. With cute little restauraunts, bars, and beaches, this is a place to just relax and have fun. Oh and also a place where King George went skinny dipping.

Hotel Arbiana is in the middle of it all, but it still offers privacy in it's courtyard. Right next to the port, overlooking a gorgeus garden it is simply breathtaking.

Quick info:

It does offer acommodation on site

Sea view: no

Number of people: 70

Rental fee: buyout of the hotel rooms

Approx price p/p for dinner: 125 eu

Small castle, Brač

wedding in brač

The island of Brač has been a hot spot for both Croatians and toursits for many many years. Mostly known for it's beach Zlatni rat, the most famous beach in Croatia, Brač has a lot of hidden, and less hidden gems to explore.

This small noble house has been in the same family for 12 generations. Off season they are invested into growing olives, vine and vegetables, in the summer season they are open as a restauraunt and gorgeus wedding venue

Quick info

Doesn't offer acommodation on site.

Sea view: yes

Approx price p/p for dinner: 180 eu p/p

Number of people: 10-50

Price per request

Villa with an olive garden, krk

Olive villas Krk wedding

The island of Krk is one of the biggest in Croatia, the cool thing about it is that it's connected to the land by a bridge so no ferry ride here! Krk offers a lot of old towns filled with stone houses, great beaches, cool tours and activities, everything is failry close so you can explore it all.

This estate consists of several villas with 12 rooms total. The gardens are all filled with olives, it really

Quick info

Sleeps 9

Sea view: yes

Price upon request

Number of people: 9 -30

Dubrovnik wedding venues

Even if you know very little about Croatia, you have probably heard of Dubrovnik. Famous for being a Game of Thrones set, this town stands on it's own when it comes to weddings in Croatia. The Dubrovnik area offers a lot of old town options, island options, you name it. In Dubrovnik you can mostly find historic wedding venues that will blow your mind. The wedding venues in Dubrovnik look like something out of Vogue and yes, it can be your reality. Pre and post the wedding, there's plenty to do, with short boat rides you can explore all the cute islands, go for a night out, eat in the best restauraunts or just chill on the beach.

Dubrovnik wedding venues

Bunić - Kaboga villa

Bunic kaboga wedding

The Bunić - Kaboga residance is a perfect historical villa available for rent in Dubrovnik. It is still a bit of a hidden gem when it comes to weddings in Dubrovnik so that alone is giving it the special factor. The residance is available for rent in full, so you can use all of it for your dream wedding.

Quick info:

It does offer acommodation on site

Sea view: yes

Number of people: 50-100

Rental fee: 3.000 eu

Approx price p/p for dinner: 200 eu


how much is a wedding venue in dubrovnik

In this venue you have a lot of options for the ceremony and the reception. Just imagine the ceremony with a door leading to the sea in front of you. Magical.

Quick info

Doesn't offer acommodation on site.

Sea view: yes

Approx price p/p for dinner: 200 eu p/p

Number of people: 70- 150

Rental fee: 5.000 eu

Museum of modern art

Museum of modern art dubrovnik wedding

The museum of Modern art in Dubrovnik is a great wedding venue to consider. The space is special because of it's historic details, but still it's a blank canvas that can turn into everything you invisioned.

Quick info

It doesn't offer acommodation on site

Sea view: yes

Price upon request

Number of people: 60 - 170

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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to visit the wedding venue in Croatia before booking?

If you don't live close to Croatia, or you don't have the time to visit before the wedding, don't worry about it! There are many clients that book venues that they see for the first time on the wedding day. It does give an element of surprise!

How far in advance do I need to book the wedding venue in Croatia?

It really depends on the venue. For example, Villa Dalmacija should be booked about a year and half to two years in advance (yor you should be really flexible with the wedding day), but Tavern Bajso can be booked a month in advance and it will work. Don't stress about it, we always have a plan B, C and D in place.

Is there any difference in wedding venues in Croatia based on the region?

Yes, in Istria region you will mostly find stone villas, castles and wineries, keep in mind many of them don't have a sea view, but they do compensate with beautiful nature around the venues. It does remind a bit of Italy in style.

In Dalmacija region and it's islands you can find a mix of wedding venues from modern to traditional, and there are many to choose from. A lot of the venues do have a sea view.

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Lazareti Wedding Venue in Dubrovnik
Lazareti wedding venue in Dubrovnik is honestly one of my favorite wedding venues in Croatia. This 17 century hot spot, is just a picture perfect wedding venue in Croatia. The space dates from the 17 century and it shows the moment you step inside of it. Just minutes away from the Dubrovnik walls, Lazareti is […]
Museum of mdoern art Dubrovnik
Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik
Museum od Modern art in Dubrovnik is a classy wedding venue located in the old town. Suitable for both the ceremony and reception, this wedding venue in Dubrovnik will take your breath away. The weddings are hosted on the top floor of the museum, overlooking the Adriatic sea and the old walls of Dubrovnik. The […]
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Palace Natali
A 16 century, villa close to the old town of Dubrovnik, might just be your dream wedding venue. Palace Natali has very strong old money vibes, and is absolutely beautiful. This Wedding venue in Dubrovnik is perfect for smaller weddings, where the guests all stay at the same location. The fact that Palace Natali is […]
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St. Lawrence a Luxury Wedding Venue in Dubrovnik
St. Lawrence is a one of a kind wedding venue. This historical fort is located at a top of a cliff overlooking the Adriatic sea and the old town of Dubrovnik. St. Lawrence is a very famous wedding venue, and if you see a famous person getting married in Croatia, I can bet you it's […]
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Wedding in Dubrovnik
Why is a wedding in Dubrovnik an unique and amazing choice? Dubrovnik has been a go-to place in Croatia for a long, long time now. Many famous people choose to spend their vacations here, and some of them even got married in Dubrovnik. A wedding in Dubrovnik is always a great idea because of the […]
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Top wedding venue on Vis
Top Wedding Venue on Vis Island Vis Island, located in the Adriatic Sea, is a fantastic spot for your dream wedding. Let’s dive into the top wedding venue on Vis: 1. Fort George Capacity: 40-200 guests Fort George, an old fortress, now serves as a restaurant and club. Imagine saying your vows with the sea […]
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Zori Timeless
Zori timeless is a combination of accommodation options, and a beautiful award winning restaurant just 10 minutes away from Hvar town. It's only a boat ride away from the city of Hvar and you can combine the busy nightlife in the city of Hvar, with a peace and quiet in Zori. Your guests will love […]
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Robinson Hvar
Robinson Hvar is a hidden haven perfect for smaller weddings. It can host up to 50 people in a remote paradise on Hvar island. When planning a destination wedding, some couples are looking for a relaxing and hedonistic place that feels like time stops. Robinson is one of those places. With a relaxing sea front […]
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Beach club Hvar – Wedding venue on Hvar
Beach Club Hvar: Your Dream Destination Wedding Venue Let us introduce you to one of the most popular wedding venues in Croatia. Beach club Hvar was featured in many magazines over the years because of it's sea front position, amazing views, beautiful setting, and luxury weddings. 1. The Architecture at Beach club Hvar Beach Club […]
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Palace Elisabeth Hvar island
So, picture this: Palace Elisabeth, right in the heart of Hvar town. It’s like stepping into a time capsule, but with all the modern comforts. This place has seen centuries of stories, and now it’s ready to host yours. The Venue What’s Inside Palace Elisabeth? The wedding day How Much does a wedding at palace Elisabeth […]
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Polaris Yacht – Unique wedding venue
A Dream Wedding on the Polaris Yacht in Split If you want a truly unique wedding venue in the town of Split, Polaris yacht might be the right fit! This vintage yacht docked in the town of Split offers several renting options for couples wanting to literally tie the knot on a beautiful sunset cruise. […]
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Kairos winery – Split wedding venue
Let’s raise our glasses to Kairos Winery, a hidden gem nestled above the historic town of Trogir in sun-kissed Dalmatia. Picture this: vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see, their leaves whispering secrets to the Adriatic breeze. Why Choose Kairos Winery for Your Croatian Wedding? 1. The view What sells Kairos Winery as […]
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Restaurant Dvor a Split wedding venue
Restaurant Dvor: A Perfect Destination Wedding Venue in Split, Croatia When it comes to choosing a wedding venue, the location sets the tone for the entire celebration. Croatia, with its stunning Adriatic coastline, historic cities, and Mediterranean charm, has become a sought-after destination for couples looking to tie the knot. Among the gems along the […]
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Dioklecian palace wedding
The Diocletian Palace Wedding Venue in Split, Croatia Nestled within the ancient walls of Diocletian’s Palace in the heart of Split, Croatia, lies a hidden gem—the Diocletian Palace wedding venue. This historic wedding venue in Split might sound like a crazy idea at first, but it's actually an unique wedding venue not only in Croatia, […]
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Wedding at Restaurant Adriatic
1. The Breathtaking Setting at Restaurant Adriatic Restaurant Adriatic is a sea view wedding venue in the center of Split. It's located on cliffs overlooking the blue sea. The sky is simply amazing at night, and even though you're in the city center, you do have a feeling of total privacy. 2. The food The […]
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Hotel Park Split – Wedding Venue
Hotel Park Split: The Dream Wedding Destination in Split When it comes to choosing a wedding venue, there are countless factors that couples consider to ensure their special day is as magical as they’ve always dreamed. Hotel Park Split stands out as a venue that not only meets but exceeds these expectations, making it the […]
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Top wedding venues in Split are constantly at the top of the lists for wedding venues in Croatia in general. The town of Split on the Croatian Adriatic coast has been a top pick for couples from around the world. Split is a coastal town in Croatia and is a popular wedding destination for a […]
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Top 10 Hvar wedding venue choice
Hvar wedding venue options are diverse, but beautiful. It doesn't matter if you want a boho, or luxury wedidng, we got you covered. Hvar island is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers, with its diverse and beautiful landscape, crystal-clear sea, and abundant sunshine. The island offers many opportunities for outdoor activities, such as […]
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Top 10 Luxury Venues in Croatia
Today we are presenting you our ultimate list of top 10 luxury venues in Croatia. Even though Croatia has a wide range of venues for different budgets, the area it excels at are the luxury venues. Compared to some of the other destination wedding locations in Europe, Croatia's luxury venues are more affordable, but keep […]
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Top 16 wedding venues in Dubrovnik
Wedding venues in Dubrovnik are as grand as the city is. Dubrovnik, with its captivating beauty and historic charm, stands as the ideal wedding destination. The ancient city's stunning landscapes, crystal-clear Adriatic backdrop, and architectural marvels create a magical setting for couples. When it comes to destination wedding in Croatia, Dubrovnik is the creme de […]
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Wedding in Split: A guide to your dream destination wedding
Why a wedding in Split is a good idea? Dreaming of a destination wedding that combines historic charm, modern elegance, and breathtaking landscapes? A wedding in Split, Croatia is the perfect choice for your destination. This article explores why Split is the perfect setting for your special day, from its historic sites to chic wedding […]
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Villa Lav, Istria wedding venue
Villa Lav is an amazing venue in Istria, if you're looking for good food, a warm atmosphere and acommodation on site. Located in a small town of Bale in Istria, villa Lav is just like the town, small, sweet, picturesque. The Venue, Villa Lav The venue consists of two open-space parts. The first one is […]
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Brown Beach – Wedding venue in Croatia
Brown beach is a very trendy and Instagramable wedding venue in Trogir Croatia. Introduction Brown beach is located in a beautiful historic town of Trogir. Super close to the airport, and the town of Split, Trogir is an amazing place for a wedding. You can feel the privacy and peace, but also be close to […]
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Meštrović Gallery – Luxurious wedding venue Croatia
Meštrović Gallery, Split. One of the most luxe wedding venues in Croatia. The Meštrović gallery is located in the heart of Split. In the beautiful Marjan forrest of the town of Split, with a direct sea view. You can find one of the most luxurious venues in Croatia. It is one of the most special […]
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How much is a wedding venue in Croatia?
How much is a wedding venue in Croatia? Read our directory and find out! Today, we will be discussing the question the cost of wedding venues in Croatia. Pricing questions are naturally, the first question we get asked, and the answer is never simple. It's hard to put an unique price tag on venues in […]
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Top Wedding Venues in Croatia
Top wedding venues in Croatia. What are they? All you need to do is choose the perfect one for your ideal European destination wedding! Why choose Croatia for your wedding destination? Croatia is a perfect destination for a wedding in Europe. With its stunning coastline, crystal-clear waters, and breathtaking landscapes, Croatia offers a unique and […]
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San Canzian
San Canzian, About this beautiful venue in Istria San Canzian Village & Hotel is a 5-star boutique hotel located in the heart of Istria, in the medieval village of Mužolini Donji, near Buje and Grožnjan. This authentic luxury hotel offers a unique experience of nature, gastronomy, and accommodations. Surrounded by olive gardens and vineyards, it […]
krka national park
Scardona Park wedding venue
Scardona Park wedding venue is located in one of the prettiest corners of Croatia. In the midst of the national park Krka, Skradin, you can find this special new wedding venue in Croatia. Scardona park is first and foremost a hotel, focused on sustainability and nature. Respecting it's untouched surroundings, the management of Scardona park […]
hvar wedding venue
Fortress Spanjola
Hva, Fortress Spanjola is another great choice in Croatia. If you’re looking for a historic wedding venue in Hvar Island, look no further than Fortress Spanjola. This stunning venue is located on a hill about 100 meters high, overlooking the city of Hvar and the sea, as well as the Pakleni islands. With its rich […]
fort george vis wedding
Fort George
Forte George Vis is a wedding venue of your dreams. Want to plan a picture perfect wedding in Croatia? This is the place to be. Fort George is located at Vis island in Croatia. Even though the island of Vis has rich history, you might know it best from Mamma Mia 2. Yes, you heard […]
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Perla Resort Rogoznica wedding
The long road to this wedding at Perla resort, Rogoznica was rocky, but then the magic happened. To say that all weddings we haver ever planned, we're planned smoothly, with no issues, would be a complete lie. This wedding was an emocional and logicistical rollercoaster. Let's start from the beginning, About the couple and our […]
fortica hvar
Fortica Hvar a dream wedding venue
Fortica Hvar was on my wedding venue wish list for the longest time. Imagine my surprise when I was casually drinking coffee, and I get a call from my future clients that were interested in Fortica on the island of Hvar. It turned out, it's their dream wedding venue in Croatia. I was over the […]
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Fort George Wedding
HomeVenues in CroatiaWedding venues on HvarSplit wedding venuesPortfolioWedding planners in CroatiaCost of wedding in CroatiaAbout usBlogContactHomeVenues in CroatiaWedding venues on HvarSplit wedding venuesPortfolioWedding planners in CroatiaCost of wedding in CroatiaAbout usBlogContactFind the perfect one for you Wedding venues in CroatiaAbout wedding venues in croatia When we talk about wedding venues in Croatia, we first need […]
Wedding venue
Venues for a wedding in Croatia
Croatia has a lot of cool wedding venues to offer. If you're looking for a historic venue, and island wedding, a beach wedding, a luxe hotel wedding etc. Croatia is the place to be. Finding the perfect wedding venue is the  most important part of wedding planning, so take your time until you find the […]
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Croatia “must see” list
After visiting Croatia to experience the destination for your wedding, we suggest you prolong your vacation with at least a few more days to experience the country a little bit. The fact that it is smaller when comparing to the rest of the world, goes in our favor because the whole country can be explored […]
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Hotel Arbiana, Rab – A Cool Wedding On The Happy Island
The magical boutique hotel Arbiana is located in the center of the island of Rab. It's a beautiful venue made for creating the most breathtaking weddings. The  Wedding location - Rab island  The Island of Rab was called the happy island by the old Romans. One of the sunniest and greenest islands in Croatia. It's […]
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Wedding in Split – Villa Dalmacija
 Villa Dalmacija, Split one of the best wedding venues in Croatia. Today we are going to talk about one of the most popular wedding venues in Croatia. Villa Dalmacija is located in Split, near the city centre in the Marjan Park forrest. This location is absolutely perfect, because you are close to the craziness of […]
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Wedding Locations in Croatia: The Ivan Meštrović Walkway
This walkway is home to the perfect wedding locations in Croatia The Ivan Meštrović Walkway, which got its name after the famous Croatian sculptor and architect, is located in the west part of Split. Spanning more than 3 kilometers, it is home to many attractions that lend themselves as perfect locations for both wedding ceremonies […]
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Konoba Bajso, Croatia – Wedding
Today we are talking about a truly unique wedding we planned in a traditional tavern in Croatia called Konoba Bajso The story - konoba bajso What started out as an elopement in Croatia, ended up being a small get together full of love, emotions, and occasional tears. We feel it ended up being absolutely perfect. […]
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Wedding in Istria – Wedding venues and location
Why choose Istria for your wedding? - wedding in istria  Weddings in Istria are one of the most magical I've ever seen. Far from the most popular places in Croatia, Istria offers a magical experience you'll never forget.  Istria is a truly special Croatian region. With a historic and geographical strong influence from Italy, in […]
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Croatia wedding destination – Top place to travel
This little introduction is a great starting point to pitch Croatia as a wedding destination to your partner and/or guests at the wedding. Croatia has always been a country that thrived on tourism. And now we see Croatia as a top wedding destination for many couples. Why should you pick Croatia as your wedding destination? […]

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