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The most important person (except you) when planning the wedding is your partner, the second most important is your wedding planner in Croatia

A local wedding planner is the smartest choice when you plan your destination wedding.

We know all the hidden places, all the people you need to make your wedding truly yours.

We know exactly the places you should eat In Croatia, party, sleep and celebrate.

We get excited when we face a challenge, we get driven when we need to think outside of the box, we love clients that push us to create a wedding that stands out.

Hiring a wedding planner in Croatia is the best investment you can make for your wedding.

wedding planners in croatia
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wedding planners in croatia

Choosing a wedding planner in Croatia is a big deal

Not only does it start your wedding planning journey, it also defines the person you'll communitate with for a long period of time

We strongly believe it's important to choose a wedding planner you like and you trust. Wedding planning can be so much fun, but it can also be stresfull. You want a wedding planner by your side that's going to be there for you, and that's going to guide you through the good and the bad. We encourage our potential clients to seek the perfect person to make their vision a reality.

We at Tie the knot don't just plan ordinary weddings. Wedding planning is much more than creating schedules, budgets, and reading contracts. Wedding planning is also combining all the things that make you special as a couple, with Croatian culture.

We get inspiration from not only trends, but art, emotions and pure hedonism. We aim to guide our clients and push limits defined by the wedding industry.

Who are our wedding planners?

A Florist, an Architect, a Customer relations manager and a PR and events manager walked into a bar....

... And they started planning destination weddings in Croatia.

Our story

Irma & Filip met randomly on a Eurovision watching party in 2017. They became friends right away. At that time Irma had a floral company that was going pretty well, and Filip was a student of architecture.

By the end of that year Filip started to help Irma out with her floral business, especially in the wedding depratment. Since Irma founded her company in 2014, by the time she met Filip, she was asked multiple times to help with wedding planning and coordination by her clients. So before founding Tie the knot, she already had a bunch of experience with wedding planning in Croatia.

Fast forward to 2019, both Filip and Irma felt like wedding planning was their true passion and they switched from decor to planning completely. The first official wedding planning season went great, and then COVID hit. They still continued to work with their clients, especially on postponments. As soon as wedding were allowed again in Croatia, they came back into the game. A bunch of weddings later, they still love what they do.

With the amount of work in season 2023, Maria came into the picture. Maria, Irma and Filip have been friends for years before wedding planning came into their lives. Maria is here to make sure your setup runs smoothly, your guests are happy, your vendors have all they need. With her background in Customer relations, she navigates between clients and vendors perfectly.

With the upcoming 2024 season we have a new member of our team. Astrid has known Irma since an early age (they were together on an Ice skating team for years). Astrid has years of experience with PR management and planning corporate events. With Astrid on board, We can truly be there for our clients 100%.

Besides wedding planning the trio has their weeky pub quiz team (usually the suck, but hey they try) so they are truly inseparable.

Wedding planner in croatia

With their creative soultions, knowledge about all the regions, food, wine, islands and great connections with the vendors and the locals, Filip, Maria, Astrid and Irma feel like only the sky is the limit.

Filip will always be there for you to help with your creative vision (it's his profession after all), he'll be there during set up to make sure everything is in place.

Irma will handle all the vendors, venues, contracts, menus, etc. With her connections all over Croatia you will be in great hands.

Maria will make sure everything runs smoothly, and she will make sure both you (and your guests), but also all the staff feels comftorable.

And Astrid will come up with creative soultions for all your wants and needs.

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astrid čada

Vendors & venues

The relationships with vendors, venues and locals are key to planning a succesful wedding in croatia

urbani eventi

Establishing great realtionships with vendors and venues is key in this industry. The wedding planners need to be loved and respected in order for you to get most of the vendors and venues you decide to book. Both Irma, Filip and Marija worked hard to create a positive work environment for everyone involved, so that the staff looks forward to working with them on every single wedding. It has been quite a journey but we can proudly say we have an amazing group of vendors that function perfectly together.

Wedding seasons can be hard, with long hours and a lot of travel. It is the wedding planners job not only to care for the happiness of their clients, but to care for their partners as well. We make sure everyone involved in your wedding is working with enthusiasm, and that they are treated in the best way. That is the secret to succesfull event planning, and it is the base of our job.

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"The biggest compliments we get are the positive reactions from our clients and their guests, that really do feel welcomed and pampered in Croatia, but also the positive feedback we get from vendors, venue staff, venue owners and locals regarding our work. Because of the amazing feedback we have been recieving for years, we know that our approach and effort is on point."

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