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Multi-service wedding planners in Croatia

We are an four person, experienced team ready to make your destination wedding dreams come true.

When searching for a wedding planner in Croatia it is important to find the ones you trust, and that see your vision clearly.

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Our in-house services

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Full Wedding Planning

in Croatia

Full wedding planning service in Croatia.

Our wedding planners in Croatia are here to make all of your dreams come true!

All over our beautiful country.

Tailor-made weddings based on your vision.

Help with paperwork for civil/religious weddings

Track your budget, schedules and list in a shared document.

Online meetings.

Venue and vendor search

Checking all contracts and payment deadlines

Negotiating best options

Coordination on the day off

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Luxury Wedding Planning

Luxury wedding planners in Croatia are more than just day off planners, they are here for you for all your stay!

Multi day event planning

Sourcing additional vendors that fit the couples vision

Sourcing trustworthy vendors


Budgeting, payment plans, schedules, vendor lists in an online shared document

Site inspections

Food tastings

Hotel group bookings

Booking of additional activities for guests

Checking all contracts and payment deadlines

Negotiating best options

Coordination of pre and post wedding events + day off


Elopement wedding planners in Croatia are here to help you plan your perfect elopement in Europe.

Handling all paperwork for civil/religious weddings

Sourcing symbolic celebrants if needed

Sourcing of photographers

Finding the ceremony location

Finding the after ceremony dinner location

Finding all additional vendors that a couple might need

Plan the shoot locations with the photographers

Creating schedules

Checking all contracts and payment details

Additional services

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Wedding Content creation

We offer an in house content creation.

The content creation is made by a professional social media manager who has experience in the field for many years.

Our content creator is a part of our wedding planning team and is there for you through the wedding day.


Duration: from 2 hours to 12 hours on site, depending on the size of the wedding.

Delivery of materials in 2 days

Creating Instagram reels and Tiktok videos from the wedding

Average price: 500,00 eu

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Wedding Styling

Your wedding planners are equipped to style your wedding. Because of our background in floristry and architecture, we can style your wedding from the placement of tables and chairs, lightning, additional furniture, flower decor, stationery, linens, you name it!

By sharing moodboards you can stay up to date with the design of your wedding at any time.

Average price: 900,00 eu

  • Included in the Luxury wedding offer

Additional events

Your wedding planners can help you plan the pre/post wedding events for you and your guests.

From picnics, to secret dinners, wine tastings, traditional dinners, etc. We have your back

Average price: 800,00 eu per event

  • Included in the Luxury wedding offer

Other services

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Wedding related
  1. Hotel group booking for guests
  2. Transportation booking for guests and clients
  3. Planning of activities before/after the wedding
  4. Charting boats for guests/clients
  5. Planning of your honeymoon
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Other events
  1. Birthday party planning
  2. Dinner party planning
  3. Engagement planning
  4. Anniversary planning
  5. Corporate events

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