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Romantic wedding style – The wedding style guide

One of the most common wedding styles is the Romantic wedding Style and for a good reason.

This classic style is characterized by:

  1. Soft colors
  2. Beautiful lighting
  3. Plenty of details to showcase your individuality.

Stationery for Romantic wedding Style

The common way of approaching stationery for a romantic wedding style is

  1. White paper
  2. Calligraphy-inspired font
  3. Discreet little details that represent your vision in a piece of paper.

But the style has so much more potential. With the range of paper products today, a white piece of paper can be so much more than that.

romantic wedding stationery

Different textures, slightly different tones of white, off-white, eggshell, etc. can all create a unique invitation, RSVP card, seating card, menu, or even a thank you card.

Of course, you might be more adventurous and decide to infuse a bit of color or even a floral detail or two. Pastels and soft colors are always welcome in a romantic style wedding style.

One of the most popular colors in recent years is, of course, blush.

The fonts used in the romantic weddings style are typically inspired by handwriting and calligraphy. Taking a font like that and combining it with a more classical font can elevate any piece of stationery you desire.

wedding in croatia stationery


The area where a romantic wedding style truly shines is the flower department.

Romantic weddings demand an abundance of flowers. They can be arranged traditionally, or you can opt for a different solution and include various flower arrangements.

Flower walls, rings, arches, or pretty much any geometrical shape you can think of can be added to your wedding for that extra memorable factor everyone wishes for.

Some of the sub-styles often used in romantic weddings are the British garden style and the luxury style.

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Of course, we can’t forget the lighting. A romantic wedding style usually has plenty of soft lights that accentuate all the beautiful decorations (and people) already in place. A more contemporary way of arranging lights is plenty of hanging lights or even a whole ceiling covered with tiny lights. They will emulate a night sky worthy of your special night.

Of course, a very popular option is to add a lot of candles for a more lifelike and warm feeling.

romantic wedding style

In conclusion

All in all, a romantic wedding style might sound a bit too traditional or even boring at first, but with a bit of effort and creativity, you can have a truly memorable and unique wedding if this is the style for you.

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