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A la carte wedding planning – What does it mean?

Many clients get confused about what does A la carte wedding planning mean?

It’s simply a wedding planning service that doesn’t work based on packages but rather on your personal style and needs.

So let us answer the most frequent questions about a la carte wedding planning.

1. Is a la carte wedding planning too expensive?

A la carte sounds so luxe that most people will think it is too costly to even consider this option for their wedding day. We do a la carte projects for years in various categories from floral and stationery to wedding planning and coordination.

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be costly if that’s not something it fits your personality and budget. In a la carte wedding planning, it’s all about working with your budget and needs.

Sometimes, yes, the budget just doesn’t go with your Pinterest dreams, but we have learned to compromise and give our clients the best results.

We will make sure to educate you on pricing and options, so you can have all the information you need.

2. Why shouldn’t I just find a package deal for my wedding?

If you find a package that represents you and your partner perfectly, then it does make perfect sense to go for it. The thing is, it’s hard to create packages that fit everyone’s personality and needs. You shouldn’t compromise on location, food, design, music, etc. just because it seems easier. The main reason we don’t create packages for our clients is, that we don’t like the idea of “creating” hundreds of the same weddings. I personally strongly believe that every wedding should be specially tailored based on the couple.

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3. Will a la carte wedding planning take too much of my time?

It totally depends on you. If you would like a very detail-oriented wedding and would like to be involved in the planning and design process, it will take a little more of your time. It’s always worth it, and it gives you complete control over the planning process.

If you would like to save time during the planning process, we can take over.

Based on your form and our first consultation, we will give you the best options for you. We have a large base of contacts all over Croatia. Locations, caterers, photographers, etc. We combine what we think will work best for you and your partner. The next step is to create a mood board so we can give you a sneak peek of what we have in mind. If you approve of the board, we’ll deal with the rest. So in a way, we do create a package, but the one that’s personally tailored based on the information you provide us.

4. Why is a la carte wedding planning a good option for a location like Croatia?

Croatia is a small country, but it has a lot to offer. Most destination weddings in Croatia are held at the same locations. Even though those locations are amazing, there are many more to explore. And maybe, one of those unexplored locations is the perfect place for you. A la carte planning gives you a good insight into what’s to offer besides the most popular places.

In conclusion 

In the end, I would like to add that this option is becoming more popular worldwide in all aspects of wedding planning. If you travel from another country to Croatia to get married, we don’t want to give you just a traditional wedding, we want to create an experience. Not just for you, but your guests as well. Our goal is to give your guests an insight into your love story and at the same time an insight into Croatian culture, food, and natural beauty.

If you feel like this is a way to go for you, feel free to fill  our our form: https://www.croatiaweddingplanner.com/contact/

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