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Wedding vendors in Croatia + prices

Wedding vendors in Croatia come at all shapes, sizes, styles, and prices.

Today we are going to do our best to explain how to pick the perfect vendors.

And also discuss some average pricing.

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Before you even start reading this, think about which vendors mean the most to you.

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How to pick the perfect vendors for a wedding in Croatia?

 How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue in Croatia? 

Finding a perfect venue is almost always a top priority for all couples. In Croatia, it’s best to start by exploring our regions that are relatively different. After finding the perfect part of Croatia for your wedding, you can start researching venues.

Before you dive into this adventure, think about these things: 

  1. Your number of guests,
  2. How important is the closeness of an airport to you?
  3. What style of venue fits perfectly into your vision?
  4. Keep in mind that venues “eat up” around 50% to 60% of your overall budget.

Pro tip: if you’re keen to keep the costs down. Try booking your perfect venue in April, May, or October.

Setting a date during the week can help you with the availability of the location.

 How to pick the perfect music vendor in Croatia?

Good English-speaking bands and DJs get booked out early.

Average prices for high-quality performers are 1.800 – 3.500 EUR.

Pro tip: Set your wedding date based on the location + music availability, unless you have a specific date in mind.

If you’re a big music lover, be clear about what kind of music you want to hear and about what kind of music you don’t want to hear.

If you don’t care about music as much, book out an acoustic guitar player, duo, or trio and save some money.

They can perform for approx. 500eu-1.000eu based on the hours played difficulty of requested songs and the number of musicians.

If you want some Croatian traditions at your wedding, booking a klapa to perform during the ceremony or cocktail hour is the perfect thing to do. The price varies with the number of members and the popularity of the klapa.

You can listen to some examples here:

 Catering (if the location doesn’t provide food)

Catering companies range in between 90eu/pp to 130eu/pp upwards for dinner.

And 40 eu/pp – 90 eu/pp for unlimited drink packages

They provide food, drinks, and staff for the wedding day. They also provide chairs, tables, plates, glasses, etc.

Drinks are priced at different price points, depending on what quality of wine you would like and how much, if any, hard alcohol you would like served.

The big difference in prices depends on:

  1. The location of the wedding.
  2. The amount of food that needs to be served.
  3. If the food is basic or specially made, how many/if any special requests are made (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free food)

 How to find a perfect photographer and videographer for your wedding?

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If this is an important part of wedding planning for you, you’re in luck because there are some amazingly talented photographers and videographers in Croatia.

  1. Start by exploring photographers and videographers and their work.
  2. Soon, you’ll get a better idea of what style of photography and/or videography works best for you.
  3. Choose 3 vendors that fit your vision the best.
  4. If you and your partner are shy, pick the perfect one based on their communication skills. In this category, it’s super important to pick the vendor that fits not only your aesthetic vision but also your personality. If you have a wedding planner by your side, they’ll know which ones would work for you.
  5. If you don’t have high expectations for this vendor and would like to save some money, looking outside of the box might be the solution for you.

The average photographer price in Croatia (for experienced, fine art photographers) is 2.800 – 3.000 euros.

Their services are usually divided into packages, so you can book them for less, or more.

The videography prices vary from 2.500 EUR upwards, depending on the equipment that’s used, the number of videographers, the number of hours worked, the length of the video, etc.

Pro tip: If you feel passionate about these types of vendors but can’t afford both, pick just one (photo or video) that means more to you, and find the perfect one to work with!

 Flowers and decoration

The price varies based on the types of decorations you would like and the number of items you would need.

It’s important to determine these things before you start asking for quotes:

  1. The style you would like to go with (boho, rustic, classic, luxurious, eco-friendly, etc.)
  2. If greenery can be used
  3. If the flowers would need to be imported or if they can be local
  4. The volume and number of arrangements
  5. If special installations would need to be made (such as backdrops).
  6. How many items would you like: centerpieces, a wedding bouquet, buttonholes, bridesmaids’ bouquets, church decorations, etc?

Based on these points, if you have a wedding planner, it’s going to give them the information they need to find the perfect options for you. Just like musicians, photographers, and videographers, florists are artists, and they can be quite different. The difference is obvious in their styles but also in their pricing. This is by far the trickiest vendor in Croatia to determine average pricing.

For mid-size Wedding vendors in Croatia, the average price varies from 2.000,00 eu upwards.

Pro tip: If the estimate you receive is way too high for you, but you like the vision, ask your florist where she can see some ways to save money. Be open to compromises.

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 Professional light

The starting price point for basic lighting is around 1.800eu.

You can go lower, but here you need to be REALLY careful because there are a lot of companies with poor equipment. It’s always better to book the basic package at a fair price than try to save money on someone unprofessional.

* Fairy lights: They are huge right now, but keep in mind the most important thing is if it’s even logistically possible and if the venue would allow it to be set up all over (some historical venues might not allow this type of installation).

Wedding Hair and Makeup

The average price for both per person is around 70 euros (e.u.).

As with everything else, the price depends on the number of people needing hair or makeup, if there are any travel fees for the artists, and the styles required.

Pro tip: Keep in mind a lot of artists travel to the location only if they have 5+ people wanting hair/make-up

This is the list of the basic vendors covered in Croatia. If the location/catering doesn’t offer cake, you might look into a cake artist, Many of our clients book an additional cocktail guy for cocktail hour, boats for ceremonies or cocktail hours, additional musicians, and special carts such as whiskey, gin, ice cream cart, transportation for their guests…..

Also, the prices can go down if you decide to book vendors that are a little under the radar.

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