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Wedding photographer in Croatia cost

How much does a wedding photographer in Croatia cost?

Like in all parts of wedding planning, wedding photographer in Croatia cost varies.

It’s no secret that Croatia (and Balkans in general) have some amazing talent when it comes to wedding photography.

Even though Croatia is a small country, you can find published and world known wedding photographers here, and you can hire them for your wedding.

Some of the photographers were published in Vogue, Harpers Bazzar, Wedding blogs etc.

For those photographers you can expect to pay a higher price, but that price is still lower then in some other countries (looking at you USA).

To answer the questions of all questions, how much does a wedding photographer in Croatia cost? We need to cover some types of photographers first.

Wedding in Croatia wedding photographer croatia cost

Types of wedding photographers in Croatia

  1. A classic weding photographer for (mostly) Croatian weddings

With these photographers you can expect to get a ton of materials (1000+ photos) and full coverage of the day for a fraction of the price.

These photographers do nice work when it comes to covering the day, but the editing style is not as top notch. The attention to details is not as important.

When it comes to couples photoshoots, you will get very little direction from the photographer. And overall, you get just the basic photography service.

So if you’re looking to save money on photos, but you still want the day covered, this is the perfect choice of photogapher for you.

However, if you want those Pinterest worthy, editorial style photography, you should look further.

Average price: 1.000,00 – 2.000,00 eu full day coverage + digital delivery.

wedding photographer croatia cost

2. Documentary style photographers in Croatia

Documentary style photographers are the ones that have a very honest approach to the wedding. In the delivered work you can see all the perfect, but also imperfect photos from the day. There is something really sweet about the imperfection, and I love that style.

There is more focus on the editing of the photos, and the ultimate decision would be what types of editing styles you like best.

Photographers in this niche are usually very friendly, and you feel relaxed right away. They pay attention to details. Some details are captured in the editoral style, but some are captured in the moment, as they happen.

You can expect to get some guidance in terms of the couples photoshoot, but the focus would be on the natural moments between the couple.

And even though the style of capturing moments is more natural, the editing style is more in the fine art category, then in the classical photographer category.

Average prices: 2.500,00 eu – 3.500,00 eu full day coverage + digital delivery

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3. Fine art editorial wedding photographers in Croatia

The photographers you see published in fashion magazines and wedding blogs, are usually in this category.

The photos are carefully styled and even planned for in advance. And even though you will get coverage of natural moments and emotions, a lot of the photos are styled by the photographer.

This is especially noticable in the details shots and in the couples photoshoot.

These Croatian photographers work all around the world, so they are not limited to just Croatia.

You can get star quality at your wedding with choosing someone from this category.

Obviously these photographers have invested a ton of money and time into getting where they are today, so you can expect the highest prices in this category.

Average prices: 3.500,00 eu – 11.000,00 eufull day coverage + digital delivery

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How to save on a wedding photographer in Croatia cost?

  1. Risk it to get the biscuit

There are a lot of photographers in Croatia that are at the very beginning of their journey. Some are still in arts college, some are looking to transition from classical wedding photography in Croatia to fine art.

These types photographers are looking for a chance on a nice location, to show what they can do. They generally have lower prices, but they mostly deliver really great work.

You need to understand it’s still a risk, most of the times you will get great work, but there’s always that 10% chance you won’t be happy.

Also, the expectations need to be clear right from the start. There’s not a big chance you will get Vogue type of results, but you might get good work non the less.

2. Look at all of the packages

All photographers have packages. They are mostly based on the amount of hours you want them there.

And even though I would always recommend the 12 hour package, if you are okay with not having it all covered you can go for less.

It totally depends on you, but there are 4 hour and 8 hour packages available that are naturally cheaper.

4 hour packages I would recommend for elopements and micro weddings, and 8 hours can be used on bigger weddings with a bit of compromise.

3. Listen to your wedding planner

Wedding planners generally know their vendors really well. If they recognize you have some details on your wedding, or the location would be interesting, they can connect you with a photographer that will maybe lower their price just to have that wedding in their portfolio.

As in any business, we all have wish lists in our heads. The wedding planner might just see something in your wedding that might be on a photographers wish list.

4. Decide what’s more important

If you’re on a tight budget and you’re planning to have both photography and videography, try to see what’s more important.

It’s always better to hire one that will fulfill your expectations, than to hire both that aren’t what you pictured but the price is right.

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