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Wedding on Hvar – The perfect destination in Croatia

Why choose to have a wedding on Hvar?

Hvar is an island, but getting there is super easy. It is close to the town of Split, and therefore all you need to do is fly into Split airport, and take a short ferry ride to Hvar.

The island of Hvar consists of one bigger town and many small places.

The town of Hvar is an amazing choice for your wedding because you can combine the party scene, with amazing restaurant scene, all by overlooking the beautiful sea at all times.

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The options for your wedding on Hvar

Hvar island offer so many cool choices for your wedding day. You can choose from historic locations, to private villas, to restaurants on one of the smaller islands, etc.

Whatever style of wedding on Hvar youre aiming for, you can find a venue that can accommodate it.

You can read our list of top 10 wedding venues on Hvar island here:

Top 10 Wedding Venues on Hvar Island

The nightlife on Hvar island

As we mentioned, the island offers a nice choice of nightlife options.

  1. Hula Hula Beach Bar: A fun beach bar with great views and tasty drinks.
  2. Carpe Diem Beach Club: A famous spot for partying and enjoying music.
  3. Veneranda: An open-air disco with DJs and a cool swimming pool.
  4. Pink Champagne: An upscale club with cabaret shows and DJ parties.

The restaurant scene on Hvar island

There’s plenty to choose from, but here’s a list of some of the best places:

  1. Beach Club Hvar: Great seafood and beachside vibes.
  2. Don Quijote: A mix of steakhouse, seafood, and Mediterranean cuisine.
  3. Zori Restaurant: Offers delicious seafood and Croatian dishes.
  4. Giaxa: Mediterranean and healthy options.
  5. Caperasa Bistro & Bar: More seafood and Mediterranean flavors.
  6. Dva Ribara: A good spot for seafood and Croatian cuisine.
  7. Val Marina Restaurant: Another seafood and Mediterranean choice.
  8. Dalmatino: Mediterranean and European dishes.
  9. Bunar: Tasty seafood and healthy options.
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Things to do on the island of Hvar

There’s plenty more activities to do on the island of Hvar while you mingle with your guests before the actual wedding day.

  1. Explore Hvar Town: Wander through the charming streets of Hvar Town, visit historic sites, and soak in the Mediterranean atmosphere.
  2. Lavender Fields: Witness the fragrant lavender fields in bloom (usually from late May to mid-June) around Zastrazisce, Gdinj, and Bogomolje.
  3. Wine Tasting: Discover local Dalmatian wines by visiting vineyards and wineries on the island.
  4. Pakleni Islands: Take a boat tour to the Pakleni Islands, explore hidden coves, swim, and enjoy the stunning coastal views.
  5. Blue Cave: Experience the ethereal Blue Cave on BiĊĦevo Island, where sunlight creates a silvery-blue hue inside the cave.
  6. Green Cave: Swim inside the Green Cave and witness its emerald light show.
  7. Stiniva Beach: Visit the picturesque Stiniva Beach, voted the most beautiful beach in Europe.
  8. Vis Island: Explore the western coast of Vis Island and enjoy its natural beauty.
  9. Seaside Lunch: Savor seafood specialties at a beach restaurant.
  10. Relax on Pakleni Islands: Unwind in secluded bays and enjoy crystal-clear waters.

The sunny Island. Perfect for your wedding on Hvar

When planning a destination wedding couples want to have the perfect weather. And even though no one can promise you that, if you opt for a wedding on Hvar, you have a better chance.

You see, Hvar island is known as the sunny island. It’s the place in Croatia with the most hours of sunlight per year.

This fact doesn’t only give you hope for a perfect wedding on Hvar, it also means the local wines are to die for.

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