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Wedding Locations in Croatia: The Ivan Meštrović Walkway

This walkway is home to the perfect wedding locations in Croatia

The Ivan Meštrović Walkway, which got its name after the famous Croatian sculptor and architect, is located in the west part of Split.

Spanning more than 3 kilometers, it is home to many attractions that lend themselves as perfect locations for both wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions.

So let’s go through some and show you why you should know more about this part of Croatia if you are planning a wedding.

We’ll start with churches, and we’ve got 2 that we would like to present to you.

The first one is Crikvine Kaštilac – wedding locations in croatia

 It is a sacral and artistic ensemble. Formed on a ruined farm estate with the remains of the building of the Capogrosso family from the 16th century. Although the ground plan of the whole structure was preserved, Ivan Meštrović changed the appearance of some of the constructional remains with his modifications and new constructions.

In the context of time and space in which Meštrović worked, we also believe that Crikvine is a prominent example of restoring neglected heritage. The complex lends itself to beautiful wedding celebrations and events with its breathtaking view. And this is the reason why this is among the most prestigious wedding locations in Croatia.

wedding locations in croatia split

Moving on more to the west, we have the

Church of the Lady of 7 Sorrows

As a protected cultural heritage, this small church was built between the 14th and 15th centuries. Many historians agree on the year 1362. Even though it is situated on an expensive piece of land. There have been forces trying to tear the church down. It has withheld its status as one of the most worthy pieces of architecture in that area.

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Moving on to the northern part of the Walkway, we have the incredible building that is 

The Meštrović Gallery

Meštrović’s concept of the villa was based on three purposes: work, living, and exhibiting.

They are becoming more and more spatially defined as construction progresses.

The functions merged under the attribute “private” were placed in the spacious wings.

while those of public character were placed in the central body of the house.

The main attraction of this building is the incredible walkway up to the main entrance, which then has the most breathtaking view of the sea below it. This is quite a well-known building among event organizers due to its incredible composition. Also because of its history of hosting myriad events, weddings included.

Judging by the pictures, we can see why.

wedding locations in croatia, ivan meštrović

wedding in split

wedding locations croatia, split

The final building on our shopping list for today is

Villa Dalmacija.

The Villa is today known as one of the most popular wedding locations in Croatia.

Villa Dalmacija is known as Tito’s villa, and it is very popular for a wedding celebrations. One of the most famous buildings in Split has a hundred-year-old history. This villa is located in a beautiful green area close to the sea. The interior of the villa can be enriched with decorative lighting and floral decorations. A beautiful large park with different trees and Mediterranean plants surrounds the villa.

This ambiance offers you an ideal place for organizing an intimate, special wedding ceremony, especially in the springtime. Besides, its beautiful terrace surrounded by colonnades with a central fountain, this versatile property offers various solutions for the ceremony, welcome reception, lounge, and dining.

Another interesting fact is that the popular show “Game of Thrones was filmed at this very location. So if you would like to add a hint of Dorne into your wedding, this is definitely your spot.

Hopefully, we have convinced you into looking up this area if you’re planning on getting married. With the incredible view of the sea, amazing smells from nature or lovely architecture, we can definitely see some breathtaking weddings in the future.

villa dalmacija split

villa dalmacija split

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