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Wedding in Split: A guide to your dream destination wedding

Why a wedding in Split is a good idea?

Dreaming of a destination wedding that combines historic charm, modern elegance, and breathtaking landscapes? A wedding in Split, Croatia is the perfect choice for your destination. This article explores why Split is the perfect setting for your special day, from its historic sites to chic wedding venues and personalized planning services

Split, the second-largest city in Croatia, is a gem in the heart of Dalmatia, known for its buzzing energy, historic markets, and vibrant nightlife. The city offers easy access to nearby islands, making it an ideal location for couples seeking a unique and memorable wedding experience.

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Why is Split, Croatia a Special Place to Get Married?

Split’s appeal lies in its enchanting blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. The article emphasizes the city’s charm, with its 17-century-old Diocletian Palace and the allure of its chic vibe. Tie the knot Croatia, a trusted wedding planning resource, is introduced as the go-to partner for creating personalized and stress-free wedding experiences.

Top wedding venues for a wedding in Split

  1. The Meštrović Gallery – This breathtaking historical venue is one of a kind, not only in Croatia but in the world. It’s rich history, gorgeous garden and amazing sea view is to die for. This venue can be used as spot for a couples photoshoot, ceremony spot, or as a venue for both the ceremony and reception. It’s charged by the hour. The venue rental costs for the whole day and night can add up, but you can use the space for a shorter time and experience the luxury on your wedding day. You can read more about this perfect place for a wedding in Split here:
  2. Villa Dalmacija – Another unique wedding venue for a wedding in Split. This seafront villa consists of a peer, a garden and the villas courtyard. It is perfect for a Mediterranean dream wedding in Split. A bit more accesible then the Meštrović gallery, it can give you a one of a kind Croatian experience for your wedding. You can read more about a wedding in Villa Dalmacija here:
  3. Restaurant Adriatic – This beautiful restaurant is one of our top pics for a wedding in Split. It’s location is simply amazing, right next to Sustipan park (a great ceremony spot, and photo spot), overlooking the sea, and close to the city center. If you choose restaurant Adriatic you get it all in one place. The service is top notch, and the food is even better, the rules in the venue are pretty simple to follow, and it’s just a great value for money.
  4. Hotel Park – Hotel Park in Split is another great choice. It has several locations to choose from within the hotel for your wedding. It’s also the only venue on the list that also offers acommodation. This beautifully decorated hotel is perfect for a wedding in Split.
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Ceremony Options for a wedding in Split

Split has some great ceremony options you can choose from, most of which are simply amazing historical sites.

  1. Meštrović gallery is our first pick in this department too.
  2. Sustipan Park is another, with a small church on the grounds, you can plan your civil, symbolic or religious ceremony here.
  3. Crikvine Meštrović – not to confuse it with the Meštrović gallery, this is another spot available only for ceremonies that is just breathtaking.
  4. Ethnographic Museum – Another amazing and unique ceremony spot for yoyur wedding in Split. It offers several options based on the number of people.

There’s many more where this came from, for more options and information please contact us:

wedding in split croatia

How much does a wedding in Split cost?

The cost of a wedding in Split depends on your wishes, how many guests are you expecting etc.

Some average prices would be: 30.000,00 eu for 70-90 guests, the prices can go lower and higher.

The ultimate price depends on what vendors do you want to spend the most, and on what vendors do you want to save (if you want to save at all).

Don’t worry, we at Tie the knot look after you and your budgets. We create budget predictions to our clients, and track spending in the whole wedding planning process.

The budgets are always accesible to you, so you can keep track of it anytime.

You can check some average vendors prices here:

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What to do during your wedding weekend in Split?

  1. Explore Diocletian’s Palace: Begin your adventure by stepping back in time within the walls of Diocletian’s Palace. It’s aUNESCO World Heritage Site. This ancient palace, built by the Roman Emperor Diocletian in the 4th century, serves as the heart of Split’s Old Town. Wander through its labyrinthine streets, discover hidden courtyards, and marvel at the remnants of Roman architecture, including the Peristyle and the Cathedral of Saint Domnius.
  2. Stroll Along the Riva Promenade: Indulge in the leisurely Mediterranean pace by taking a stroll along the Riva Promenade. Lined with cafes, restaurants, and palm trees, this waterfront boulevard offers panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea. Enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee, savor local delicacies, and bask in the vibrant atmosphere.
  3. Visit Marjan Hill: For a nature-infused escape, head to Marjan Hill. A verdant oasis located on the Split Peninsula. Hike or bike through pine-scented trails that lead to stunning viewpoints. The viewpoints are revealing panoramic vistas of the city, islands, and azure waters below. Marjan Hill is an ideal spot for picnics, relaxation, and connecting with the natural beauty that surrounds Split.
  4. Discover Sustipan: Immerse yourself in the serenity of Sustipan. A park with historical significance. This peaceful haven, nestled on a cliff overlooking the Adriatic, offers breathtaking views of nearby islands. Sustipan is not only a scenic spot but also a popular choice for romantic walks and intimate gatherings.
  5. Experience Cetina River Canoeing: For adventure enthusiasts, the Cetina River offers an exhilarating experience. Embark on a canoeing adventure through the scenic canyon, surrounded by lush vegetation and towering cliffs. This thrilling activity provides an immersive way to appreciate the natural wonders of the region.
  6. Tour Krka National Park and Sibenik: Escape to the enchanting Krka National Park. Renowned for its cascading waterfalls and crystal-clear pools. After exploring nature’s wonders, venture to the nearby historic city of Sibenik, home to the impressive St. James Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  7. Visit Klis Fortress: History buffs will appreciate a visit to Klis Fortress. A medieval stronghold with a rich past. Perched on a hill overlooking Split, this fortress offers not only a glimpse into Croatia’s history but also panoramic views of the city and surrounding landscapes.
  8. Go clubbing! Split offers some amazing night clubs, why not explore them all?
  9. Winetasting – Around Split, you can find some great wineries where you can spend the day winetasting.
  10. Island hopping – While in Split several majestic islands are right there to explore. You can choose from Brač, Šolta, Hvar or Vis island. You can read more about Vis island here:
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In Conclusion:

A wedding in Split is truly a dream waiting to come true. We suggest you find local wedding planner to guide you through the planning process.

Planning a destination wedding can be stressful. Having someone local on your side is crucial to make the process as easy as possible.

Ultimately, for a location such as Split, it is totally worth it. You will provide an unforgettable experience for your guests, and amazing memory for the two of you.

Welcome to Croatia!