Why choose Croatia as your wedding destination?

1st As a wedding destination, Croatia is still special

Even though as a tourist destination, Croatia is very popular. As a wedding destination, it's still a hidden gem. If you want your destination wedding to be really special, it's always a good idea to consider a place in the world that's unique.

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2nd Croatia has different regions to choose from

Croatia is a great wedding destination because of it's regions. For example the Dubrovnik region differs so much from Istria region. The difference between regions is quite big. You will find the architecture, the vibes, the food, drinks and people, to be very different region to region. This gives you the opportunity to choose the one that fits your vision the best.

4th The weather

No one can ever promise you sunshine at your wedding, but in Croatia you have a pretty good shot to have the perfect weather. From June until the end of September, Croatia is (mostly) sunny. Some of our islands are one of the sunniest in Europe. And that fact makes Croatia an amazing wedding destination in Europe.

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5th The logistics

Croatia has several airports on the coast that can help you land in our country stress free. Also, everything is super close in Croatia. This gives you the chance to plan your wedding in a more private destination, and find yourself partying in a nerby location in no time. It's also super easy to explore the coast. Your guests can also choose if they want to be in a more private location in Croatia, or they want to stay in a location with more nightlife. You can also plan your wedding week in several towns, islands and villages.

6th Your budget takes you further

Even though Croatia isn't cheap, when planning a wedding (especially a Luxury destination wedding in Europe), Croatia has a lot to offer.

From luxury venues, quality vendors, and creative wedding add-ons, Croatia has it all.

Compared to Luxury options in Italy and France, your budget is going to take you further here.

This means that you can get more creative and use the budget for making your wedding one of a kind.

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In Conclusion

Croatia is the perfect wedding destination for all couples wanting to try something new in the Mediterranean. The culture here is relaxed, focused on the small things in life. The pace is slower then in most countries, and you find yourself relaxed in no time. Croatians are warm and friendly people, we love to welcome you into our country and show you everything you want to see, and experience. In Croatia you can have a traditional breakfast in one of the taverns, a luxe lunch on a private island, and dinner in a busy city, all in one day. Croatia is a toursit country that offers a lot for everyone, from all corners of the world.

As a wedding destination, even though Croatia isn't a mainstream option, we have quality vendors, venues and options you can choose from.

We at Tie the knot offer a wide range of additional services to not just plan your wedding, but your whole stay in Croatia.

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