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Venues for a wedding in Croatia

Croatia has a lot of cool wedding venues to offer.

If you’re looking for a historic venue, and island wedding, a beach wedding, a luxe hotel wedding etc. Croatia is the place to be.

Finding the perfect wedding venue is the  most important part of wedding planning, so take your time until you find the perfect one.

These are some steps we go through with our clients to get a better picture of where we should look for the perfect venues in Croatia:

  1. Croatian region that suits the couple’s expectations the most. Croatia is a small but diverse country and there’s a lot to choose from. It’s important for us to understand if our couple would like an island wedding, a wedding in towns like Split or Dubrovnik, a wedding in a “hidden gem” that’s not as popular as some other towns/villages, a wedding in Istria or a wedding in Dalmatia, etc.
  2. If the location of the wedding NEEDS to be close to an airport.
  3. How many guests are expected?
  4. The style of the wedding

So what are the costs of wedding venues in Croatia?

Usually, the venue cost eats up around 50% to 65% of the overall budget. Prices vary a lot by the type, size, and location of the venue

We tried to categorize some of the most popular choices for wedding venues in Croatia and state average pricing. 

wedding venues  in croatiaThe way we will do it doesn’t mean all locations fall into these descriptions, remember there’s always room for compromises and options that may fit your needs better.

1. Elopement wedding venues in Croatia (approx. 2 – 10 guests)

For elopements, a small romantic setting on the beach, a private part of the restaurant or tavern or a small terrace are the perfect options.

Taverns with traditional foods and beach bars are usually cheaper (in a 60eu/pp to 100eu/pp) than high-end restaurants that range around 200eu/pp for dinner.

Yachts – This more luxurious option is great for smaller crowds. You can rent it out just for the day, or if you’re feeling adventurous you can rent it out for a couple of days and extend your celebration while discovering new and exciting places.

Price varies on the month and type of boat you would rent.

We have amazing connections in the yachting world that could find the perfect one for you. And yes, decorations, music, photo, etc. can be a part of your big day even if you sail.

Villas – They are a great option for a luxurious setting, but still cheaper than yachting. Read about them more in our next section.

wedding venues in croatia, villa dalmacija split

2. Smaller to middle range destination weddings in Croatia (approx. 20 guests – 100 guests)

This is my personal favorite category since it gives us the most options.

Here it all depends on personal style + expectations.

Fans of the rustic style might save some money based on that.

Traditional taverns offer great homemade food with local produce, in an old school Croatian setting, for great prices.

In the range of approx. 80eu/pp to 100 EU/pp you can get an amazing Croatian style dinner for you and your guests.

An example of a tavern wedding:

wedding venues in croatia, konoba bajso

Croatian wedding venues for mid-size weddings (50-90 people)

Smaller boutique and wine hotels often offer special culinary experiences and even better accommodation for you and your guests.

In this category, you can find some truly unique places.

Most locations insist you book out the rooms and dinner fees range from 100eu/pp to 200eu/pp for high-end locations.

The 200 EU/pp dinner price point is usually justified by respectable chefs that create amazing traditional menus with a modern twist.

Some of the smaller hotels in this style have a Michellin recommendation for their food.

Maybe this price range is over the top for you, but keep in mind there’s always room for finding something more within your budget.

You can find an example of a boutique hotel wedding here: arbiana rab wedding

Villas – Renting out a villa and then arranging catering to deliver the food, isn’t a bad idea at all.

Most villas even have their preferred vendors in that department.

Some of your guests can stay in the villa and others can find accommodation nearby.

Plenty of villas offer amazing, big space around it where you can have a lovely and unique setting just for you.

The booking fees average around 2.000eu- 3.000eu per day.

It depends on its location and the time of year you would book it.

We’ve seen cheaper than the price we stated, but we’ve also seen ones that are more expensive.

Historic locations – Most locations require you to pay the rental + cleaning fee. The fees vary, and every location has it’s own unique policies. The prices vary from approx. 3.000 eu to 7.000eu

These locations are perfect for weddings from 60 to more than 100 people.

Keep in mind you’ll still need to take care of food and drinks since they usually aren’t included in the price.

An example of a historic venue wedding:

3. Venues in Croatia for bigger weddings (100-200 guests)

This are just some locations that are most frequently asked about.

Like I’ve mentioned there are always alternatives in style and pricing.

Hotels – If you’re open to a hotel wedding your options are really broad.

In every part of Croatia, you’ll find a wide range of hotels that offer great accommodation, sea view, various choices for a wedding location, and great menu + drinks options.

The prices range from approx. 70 EU/pp to 150eu/pp for wedding menus.

You can read more about Brown beach hotel here:

Historic locations – As mentioned above, some of these locations are perfect for larger weddings, In fact, their prices drop for larger crowds.

An example of a historic locations:

Larger estates/islands for rent – You can rent out a large piece of beautiful land just for your wedding day.

This is a full-on production but it’s a great chance to be really unique.

The prices vary from location to location.

Pro tip: If you’re looking for a special venue in Croatia there’s plenty to choose from!

From cool glamping sites to lakes, rivers, canyons, mountains, and lighthouses!

hotel park wedding venues in croatia

Remember, the wedding location in Croatia usually eats up about 60% of the budget. It’s totally normal and common to spend most here.

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