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St. Lawrence a Luxury Wedding Venue in Dubrovnik

St. Lawrence is a one of a kind wedding venue. This historical fort is located at a top of a cliff overlooking the Adriatic sea and the old town of Dubrovnik.

St. Lawrence is a very famous wedding venue, and if you see a famous person getting married in Croatia, I can bet you it’s going to be at St. Lawrence venue.

This wedding venue in Dubrovnik has a reputation as a place to host the most lavish and beautiful events in Europe.

St Lawrence wedding venue, 10 reasons why this should be your wedding destination

  1. St Lawrence is a unique historical venue on top of a freaking cliff!
  2. The sunset is absolutely incredible
  3. Since st. Lawrence is close to the old town you have the whole town for photoshoots, ceremonies etc.
  4. It’s city owned, meaning once you book you’re secure. It won’t change ownership.
  5. The architecture of this fort allows you to be playfull with your wedding setting.
  6. The historical walls give you a blank canvas that you can turn into anything you want
  7. Because of the popularity of st. Lawrence wedding venue, all vendors are familiar with the place and have experience there.
  8. The backdrop of the Adriatic sea and the old town will provide the best wedding pictures you have ever seen.
  9. I guarantee you none of your guests have ever been at a wedding at st. Lawrence. Even though it’s a popular venue, it’s not as massively popular it’s overdone.
  10. Music is allowed until 2 AM, which is more then the average cerfew of midnight in Croatia.
st lawrence wedding venue

Wedding venue Quick info

The venue is rented by the hour, meaning you need to account for set-up and teardown. The usual privatization fee is 8.000,00 eu, but it depends season to season.

It can host up to 150 people

With three different terraces it can be set up in so many creative ways

The usual price for food + drinks is 300,00 eu. Depending on the catering company you choose

If you have less then 150 people, you have room for the ceremony at the fort too

It is highly advised you have a wedding planner for this wedding venue because it’s city owned

The curfew is 2 AM

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