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Scardona Park wedding venue

Scardona Park wedding venue is located in one of the prettiest corners of Croatia.

In the midst of the national park Krka, Skradin, you can find this special new wedding venue in Croatia.

Scardona park is first and foremost a hotel, focused on sustainability and nature.

Respecting it’s untouched surroundings, the management of Scardona park worked hard to create a peaceful oasis.

In the hotel, there is a Mediterranean garden that makes Scardona park wedding venue of your dreams.

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The garden is designed in a way that you can play with the space based on your wishes and needs.

Also you can relax in their restaurant overlooking the Krka river. Who doesn’t need some relaxation before the big day?

You, and your guests can stay in a total of 19 rooms, for additional rooms there are options nerby.

Scardona park wedding venue is suitable for both smaller and bigger weddings because of this design.

With their focus on organic food and drinks, sense of mindfulness and with sustainability in mind, planning a wedding here is the perfect choice for modern couples.

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Skradin is one of my personal favorite places in Croatia.

It’s not “just” the national park and the stunning waterfalls.

It’s also the closeness of the sea, the amazing traditional Croatian food, one of the best wines, and welcoming locals.

Skradin is a fairly small place with lots to do, but it’s also close to many bigger towns on the Adriatic coast.

scardona park wedding venue

Towns such as Šibenik, Zadar and even Split are nerby so you can plan your wedding week with lots of options.

Scardona park wedding venue is a great choice because unlike many places in Croatia, you can party longer since the places is fairly seculated.

I especially love the way the garden is simply designed, which makes it suitable for all styles and decor decisions.

The Pool area is perfect for smaller weddings, while the main garden is amazing for bigger weddings.

The space is designed in a way that you can have the ceremony, the cocktail hour and the reception all in one place.

But also, if you feel like you would like an alternative ceremony spot, getting married under waterfalls sounds amazing right?

krka national park
Wedding venue details:

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The prices for food and drinks can be negotiated per request.

However the bookout of the rooms is recommended even though it’s not obligatory.

The Garden rental is 3.500,00 eu and the food + drinks is agreed with outside partners.

You can get a discount for group bookings, and some perks for the bride and groom such as a free stay for the wedding night.

To do some more math you can always visit our page about average pricing:

About Skradin:

To get to Skradin you can pick if you want to fly into the Zadar ariport or Split airport.

With a short ride you can get to Skradin qucikly.

Croatia is known for its insane natural beauty, but Skradin is another level.

This small town is blended with the Krka river, followed by the Krka national park and the waterfalls.

The river blends with the sea, surrounded by mountains.

It doesn’t get better than that.

For years Skradin has been known as a hidden gem in Croatia. Many celebreties and business owners spent their days there.

Skradin is very kid and family friendly, with activities suitable both for kids and grownups.

As mentioned before, the culinary experience in Skradin is special even for Croatian terms.

Their local cuisine consists of dishes you can only eat there (such as Skradin risotto).

The culinary scene has impressed many world known chefs.

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