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Same sex wedding in Karlovac, Croatia

Planning a same sex wedding in Croatia is no different than planning any other wedding here.

Unfortunately, Croatia still isn’t a top same sex wedding destination, but we hope this is going to change in the future.

While planning this wedding, we never met someone who had any issue with the fact that a same sex wedding is happening in the town of Karlovac.

On the contrary, everyone was super happy for the couple, and the people living in Karlovac couldn’t wait to be a part of the wedding and to host the grooms in their town.

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The couple – same sex wedding

Robert and Tony were planning their same sex wedding for quite a while before they came to us for some help.

The vision was clear from the start, they wanted a castle and to feel like kings on their special day.

The problem was, they started planning their wedding in Austria and then COVID hit.

Plans had to change, and they needed to change quickly.

Sine Tony is American, and he lived all over the world, some of their guests were coming from abroad, and they needed to know where they are traveling for the wedding ASAP.

Robert is Croatian so ultimately they choose Croatia as their same sex wedding destination.

We had a couple of months to plan everything, and to find a castle that is free on the date.

The Dubovac castle in Karlovac was an instant winner.

Close to the capital city of Zagreb, a city that is surrounded by rivers and nature, it was a perfect fit.

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The venue – Dvorac Dubovec

The castle Dubovec venue is a small historic castle on a hill just minutes away from the city center of Karlovac.

This charming place is great for smaller weddings.

The hill in front of the castle was a perfect spot for the ceremony.

Providing some shade on a hot summers day, with a view of the city, the hill was the star of the first part of the day.

The owner of castle Dubovec is the nicest guy ever.

He really gave his best to work with us and fulfill every wish the grooms had for their same sex wedding.

The food was really something else, there was a bunch of it.

The food was a mix of Croatian traditional food and modern cuisine.

The staff was si excited for this wedding, you could really see their enthusiasm and it made my heart full.

The ceremony

The grooms had a symbolic ceremony for their special day.

Like I previously mentioned the ceremony was on a hill overlooking the city of Karlovac.

The guests were seated in a half circle, surrounding the grooms with love.

The symbolic celebrant was so emotional, and she really gave her best to construct a beautiful ceremony for our couple.

The grooms vows were funny and emotional at the same time.

Everyone was crying including us, and we even saw the DJ tear up a bit haha.

The decor

The grooms wanted a fairytale feel to their same sex wedding, so that was the first inspiration.

They wanted to feel and be kings for a day, but they also wanted all the guests to feel like kings and queens.

Roby’s favorite color is purple, so our florist took that into consideration as well.

Another detail is that the grooms bought a ton of inventory for their same sex wedding in Croatia, so the florist did her best to incorporate all of that into the design.

The party

This wedding had one hell of a party, that I will remember forever.

The party started with a very typical first dance, that turned into a choreographed sequence with one of the grooms and their friends.

It was a great start of the party that continued until the end of the day.

The DJs made sure to play music for all generations and cultures so everyone feels included.

For instance we danced to Moon river for the grooms grandma, some traditional Croatian music for the Croatians, some traditional American music for the Americans, and Abba well for everyone.

The guests literally didn’t leave the dance floor at all, that’s how fun it was.

I love that after all the stress of planning the wedding with a limited time frame it came all together so nicely that I still think about it after all this time.

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