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Perla Resort Rogoznica wedding

The long road to this wedding at Perla resort, Rogoznica was rocky, but then the magic happened.

To say that all weddings we haver ever planned, we’re planned smoothly, with no issues, would be a complete lie.

This wedding was an emocional and logicistical rollercoaster.

Let’s start from the beginning,

sanja lydia - perla resort

About the couple and our journey – Perla resort

Andriana and Luke are a gorgeous couple that have been together for years.

They live in London, and have two beautiful girls together.

They both share their love for style and fashion, so we knew from the start that this wedding will be really pretty.

Adriana is Croatian, and Luke is from Nigeria. So we wanted to blend the two cultures in one big happy celebration.

The wedding was supposed to be big, with a focus on blending the two families, religions and cultures.

Adriana wanted her wedding to be held around the Zadar area, since she holds fond memories of this part of Croatia.

We planned the basics of her dream Zadar wedding (the location, the decorations, the music and the photographer) in no time.

Adriana and Luke knew exactly what they wanted, so we started off in the right direction.

And then, COVID happened.

We knew right then, that the big venue, the flashy wedding, that’s not going to happen.

So we found a new venue for a medium sized wedding, we re arranged everything, coordinated all the vendors etc.

Seemingly, to most of the world the COVID nightmare was under control, and everything was fine.

Well, even though it worked out for some parts of the world, Luke’s Nigerian family still had issues with actually coming to the wedding.

So Andriana found a third location for an even smaller crowd.

You can imagine, that the couple felt disappointed, and tired of all the planning.

But we assured them that no matter what, we will have fun.

So the final venue was Perla Resort, Rogoznica.

The venue

Rogoznica is a small and charming place near Zadar, perfect for a relaxing holiday and families, but still pretty close to bigger towns such as Zadar and Šibenik.

The Perla Resort, Rogoznica is a new small hotel right by the sea.

perla resort rogoznica - perla resort

The interior is minimalist with some cool details to spice things up.

When you choose a hotel, you don’t know what to expect in terms of food, and it’s good to try it beforehand.

Perla resort, Rogoznica surprised everyone with the quality and taste of it’s food.

The staff is very well trained and professional, and the wine list was divine.

What I as a wedding planner liked the most, is the fact that they were ready to compromise, and they did everything to make our clients happy.

This means a lot, since we knew we’re in good hands, and it made my life easier haha.

Since Luke is a Muslim, we had an all fish menu for all the guests, so there’s no chance of pork in meals.

The fish menu was a diverse one, made of super fresh ingredients.

Also, Luke and Andriana don’t drink alcohol, so Persla resort, Rogoznica provided non alcoholic champagne and other options for the couple.

The decor

Andriana wanted simple, white but modern decorations for her wedding.

She liked baby’s breath that is a flower variety that is mostly used in rustic wedding.

Since that was not the theme, our florist Maja from Floristokracija needed to make sure she incorporates the flower with the style.

The result was a perfect combo of a classical flower choice, with a modern twist.

The stationery was pretty simple and clean, so it went well with the floral choice.

With white flowers, something Maja and I agree on, it’s always good to skip on the white tablecloths since they tent to clash. So we choose to leave the tables “naked” in their wooden tones.

The tables, were actually one long table overlooking the pool, the greenery and the sea. Since it was a smaller wedding, it made sence to put all guests together with the bride and groom so we create a sense of community amongst everyone.

The style of decorations blended in perfectly with Perla Resort Rogoznica.

The Personalized sign backdrop

About ten days before the wedding the couple decided they would like to explore the option of a backdrop with a personalized sign on it.

The backdrop would be behind them during dinner, so they do pop out even though they were seated with all the guests.

It was a great idea, but the only problem was it was a short amount of time to design it, have it made and arrange transportation for it.

I honetsly doubt I could pull it off, since a lot of companie were on vacation at the time, and there were a lot of details to arrange.

But we did it! And it was an absolute hit.

The style of the bride and groom

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post both Adriana and Luke are huge fashion lovers.

So it was no surprise that their style was a priority.

The Bride

Adriana went with the theme of something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

For the something old she choose a vintage Prada clutch that Carrie Bradshaw had in her civil wedding ceremony on Sex and the City.

The something new part was a custom made veil from Croatian designer Robert Sever, the wedding dress she wore to curch, and a beautiful necklace by Chanel

For something borrowed she went with her mothers wedding dress she wore after the church. She and Croatian designer Robert Sever used the lace from it to create headbands for her and her daughters.

And for something blue she went with the popular Manolo Blahnik blue shoes also worn by Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the city.

The Groom

The groom surprised us all with a stunning suit made by Dior.

There was no way you wouldn’t turn around and have a second look at him once he put it on.

The suit was a total win, and we still talk about it.

He paired the suit with Off white ft. Church’s shoes with a sign on them.

Adriana had to work really hard to get them since they were limited edition.

And it was great she did it, since the shoes were amazng.

The Photo + Video

The photographer Adriana and Luke choose was Sanja Lydia.

I was following her work for the longest time, and waited until we have a chance to work together.

Sanja Lydia is a sweetheart, with such a calming presence.

Her work is clean, beautiful and all the photos look like they are straight from a magazine.

The videography part was taken care off by Goran Ramljak from Goran productions.

He is a super nice and positive guy, and he delivered his work super quickly.

We got a lot of materials from him, and everything was edited in a modern and cool kind of way.

The Party

Originally, we planned to have the party outside overlooking the pool, and sea with beautiful string lights.

But the universe had other plans for us that day.

Even though we had numerous sunny days last summer, this was the one day when it was pouring rain.

We made a last minute decision to use the string lights in the dinner area (that was outside but covered), use the rest of the lights inside, and have the party there.

Thanks to our DJs that also provided the lights from Urbani Eventi, and their willingness to compromise, and think of the best soultions, this turned out great.

This is a classic example why investing in top notch wedding vendors is a good idea.

When you have professionals with a lot of experience by your side, together we can create a plan B,C and D in no time.

The guys also provided a Sax player that was intertaining guests during cocktail hour, and during the party.

It was a nice surprise for everyone at the wedding.

The party was super fun, filled with good energy and some awesome beats played by the guys from Urbani Eventi

At one point the rain stopped and we were blessed with a beautiful rainbow, the couple got some amazing photos from that moment.

That is one of those moments that you really can’t plan, and those aren’t memories everyone can have.

The rainbow was the light at the end of the tunnel.

After everything we went through, the wedding turned out to be a success.

Everytime a complicated wedding turns into something beautiful and perfect, we feel especially proud becaus these are the weddings that prove to us once again our hard work pays off.

We want to thank everyone involved that helped the magic happen.

Especially the Perla resort in Rogoznica, that was a great surprise and is truly a venue we can recommend.

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