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Palace Natali

A 16 century, villa close to the old town of Dubrovnik, might just be your dream wedding venue.

Palace Natali has very strong old money vibes, and is absolutely beautiful.

This Wedding venue in Dubrovnik is perfect for smaller weddings, where the guests all stay at the same location.

The fact that Palace Natali is so close to the old town, but yet, it feels so private, is really special and unique.

The rooms are decorated with style and they give you a sense of hedonism and class while looking at them.

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In line with the luxury vibes, the menu is also curated in a fine dinning style that will give you and your guests an experience of a lifetime.

Palace Natali consists od 21 rooms that cherish the history it holds, but with a modern twist subtly incorporated into the interiors.

There are several gardens on the premises that are so beautifully maintaned it almost looks fake (it isn’t I promise, they are just that good).

There’s also a pool on the property in case you just want to chill by the pool and skip the beach one day.

Every corner of Palace Natali is a perfect backdrop for pictures.

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Quick info:

You can book this wedding venue in Dubrovnik in two ways:

1st is to privatize all 21 rooms and that way you’re allowed to have 40 guests in the garden area.

2nd is you only partially privatize the space and in that case you can have 25 guests.

The privatization fee for all rooms depends on the months, but you can expect to spend around 13k per day.

The cerfew is 11 PM but you can plan an awesome after party at Lazzarettos.

For food you are looking at 270,00 eu pp, and the drinks package is created based on the clients wishes.

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