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Palace Elisabeth Hvar island

So, picture this: Palace Elisabeth, right in the heart of Hvar town. It’s like stepping into a time capsule, but with all the modern comforts. This place has seen centuries of stories, and now it’s ready to host yours.

Palace elisabeth

The Venue

  • Location: You know that main square in Hvar? Yep, that’s where Palace Elisabeth holds court. Imagine saying your vows surrounded by ancient walls and the buzz of the town.
  • Rooms and Suites: They’ve got 45 fancy rooms and suites. Whether you’re keeping it cozy or inviting a few more folks, Palace Elisabeth can handle up to 80 guests.

What’s Inside Palace Elisabeth?

  • Indoor Perks: Beyond the old-school exterior, there’s an indoor pool and spa treatments. Perfect for pre-wedding zen.

The wedding day

  • Exclusive Vibes: If you want an exclusive use of the hotel, you are required to book out all the rooms for a minimum of 3 nights.
  • Party Time: The main terrace is where the magic happens. Up to 80 guests can dance, laugh, and clink glasses until almost midnight. Then, head to the Red Salon—it’s open till 3 a.m.

How Much does a wedding at palace Elisabeth cost?

  • Price Tag: It varies based on when you want to say “I do.” For food and drinks, think around 200 Euros per person.
  • Sweet Deal: Your guests get a 20% discount on rooms at any Suncani Hvar Hotel. Nice, right?
Palace elisabeth

Palace Elisabeth In a Nutshell

Palace Elisabeth isn’t just a venue; it’s where history high-fives your love story. With killer views, friendly faces, and that old-world charm, your wedding day here will be pure magic.

Remember, love is like a good wine—it gets better with time. And Palace Elisabeth knows how to uncork the best memories. 

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