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Modern weddings – The wedding style guide

Let’s talk about a trend in wedding planning that has pretty much skyrocketed in the recent past; Modern weddings and its style.

If you are looking for a nice, clean, sleek look for your big day, you should look into modern weddings and it’s styling.

A big part of what makes modern weddings so attractive is the minimalism and simplicity of the style. Think of clean, straight, bold lines and a big emphasis on geometry.


The first big instance where you can use this is in your wedding stationery. If you like bold, strong colors, this is the time to use them.

Shades of dark blue, emerald green, or even complete black can then be accentuated with pops of gold, silver, or any other contrast and are a staple of modern wedding styles.

Plenty of strong lines can add to all of your stationery before and on the day of the wedding. The same can, of course, is used in the wedding itself.

Bold choices in stylizing your venue can go a long way. While we are on the topic of wedding venues, let’s discuss how you can make the most of yours.

The location 

A popular choice for modern weddings is to take a location that maybe is a complete opposite of a wedding venue. Infusing it with your style will give it the perfect look. For instance, think of a brick-walled, industrial hall. After you infuse it with all the wedding decorations and details your heart desires, you get an insanely attractive location that feeds off the contrast you have just added to it.

Bold choices should go beyond and into the decorations themselves. Minimalism goes a long way, and as Mies van der Rohe said, less is more.


Use minimal flower arrangements in the color you have picked for the theme. A few cloth drapes could easily embellish any given space.  The tables could be arranged however your heart desires.

The main strength of a modern wedding is the possible interplay of modern and unexpected elements and how you can infuse them in a given space.

A perfect option for the modern couple who does things their way.

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