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Meštrović Gallery – Luxurious wedding venue Croatia

Meštrović Gallery, Split. One of the most luxe wedding venues in Croatia.

The Meštrović gallery is located in the heart of Split. In the beautiful Marjan forrest of the town of Split, with a direct sea view. You can find one of the most luxurious venues in Croatia. It is one of the most special venues I have ever seen.

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Meštrović Gallery is a museum of art in Split, Croatia, dedicated to the work of the 20th-century sculptor, Ivan Meštrović. The gallery preserves and presents Meštrović’s most significant works, such as the Monument to the Unknown Hero, the Church of the Most Holy Redeemer, and the sculptures of the park. The gallery is located in a beautiful villa that was once Meštrović’s residence and studio. The villa overlooks the sea and the islands, and is one of the most glamorous wedding venues in Split. If you want to admire the art and life of Ivan Meštrović, visit the Meštrović Gallery in Split.

Mestrovic Gallery is a perfect choice for couples that want a blend of old money look, with the Mediterranean touch.

The courtyard of the gallery is used for wedding and ceremony setups.

The space is big enough for bigger and smaller weddings, it really fit’s all sizes. Keep in mind it doesn’t fit all budgets. The price is almost as spicy as the idea of having a wedding in such a special and beautiful place. The number maximum number of guests allowed for a wedding at this venues is 150 guests.

How can I use The Mestrovic Gallery for my wedding?

  • As a location for a couples photoshoot
  • As a Ceremony Location
  • As a Reception Venue
  • * or all of the above
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Mestrovic Gallery Prices and Terms

The Mestrovic Gallery is charged by the hour.

So one hour of use is 350,00 eu. If you use it for one hour for a couples photoshoot you pay only the 350,00 eu.

If you use it for the Ceremony you pay for set up, tear down and the ceremony istself. That is approx 6 hours = 2.100,00 eu

If you want to mix it up, and have the Ceremony and the Cocktail hour at the Mestrovic Gallery. You can add two more hours and you would be paying 2.800,00 eu

If you want to have the Reception at the Mestrovic Gallery you are looking into about 18+ hours of booking. That would cost around 6.300,00 eu.

There are some terms about discounts and potential higher prices for the rental of the space.

This rental fees cover only the rental of the space. For everything else you would need to book additional vendors.

Terms and conditions of renting out the Mestrovic Gallery:

Since this venue is an important part of Croatias art and history, there are some terms you need to be aware off.

The courtyard has two bathrooms, if you have more then 60 guests, you need to rent additional bathrooms.

You are obligated to rent a security guard that is going to make sure no art monuments are damaged.

The music policy is until 11 PM

You can smoke in only one part of the garden, known as the smokers area.

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These terms seem like a lot to agree to when you plan your wedding, but the venue is truly special.

We have clients say they want to see similar options to it. The reality is there aren’t similar options to this wedding venue available for rent.

If the terms, or the price don’t work for your budget to host the whole wedding here. There is always a possibility to plan only a part of your day in this pieceof heaven in Split.

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