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Luxury wedding Croatia

Luxury wedding in Croatia

Luxury weddings in Croatia are considered to be multiday events, with several locations and more vendors included.

We book in a small amount of Luxury weddings in Croatia per season, simply because this type of wedding planning requires more time and attention.

Even though we plan multiple day events in our regular offers, what differs between regular wedding planning and luxury wedding planning is the scale of the events.

Luxury weddings in Croatia usually have a larger guest list, but they also require higher budgets.

It’s hard to put an approximate price on luxury weddings in Croatia, since they are very individual and it also depends what is being paid for by the couple.

For example, the average budget changes if the couple is paying for Travel + Acommodation for their guests to come to Croatia, if they are paying for all additional trips and activities etc.

On average, Luxury weddings in Croatia start at 150.000,00 EU.

wedding couple in croatia

Luxury wedding venues in Croatia

In every region in Croatia you can find a nice selection of luxury wedding venues.

The venues consist of boutique hotels, villas, yachts, private island/beaches, historic venues, restaurants etc.

In special cases, it is possible to transform a location in Croatia to a luxury wedding venue just for the wedding in question.

During our first meetings we would discuss about your vision and expectations, to match you with the perfect option,

In these types of venues you can expect a fine dinning experience tailored to fit your vision, paired with high class wine and other drinks.

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Luxury Wedding vendors in Croatia

For these types of events experienced vendors are a must. Thankfully in Croatia we have a fine selection of vendors for these types of events.

In most cases when planning a luxury wedding in Croatia, the clients request more vendors than regular clients. The additional vendors are usually additional performers, chefs, artists, classical musicians/dancers, private chefs, special themed stations designed by our team etc. You dream it, we make it happen. Thanks to our contacts, we have a list of special vendors just for these types of events, so you would be in good hands.

If youw ish to bring some of the vendors from your country, it is totally okay with us as long as we are allowed to communicated with them.

luxury wedding croatia

Wedding planner approach

Even though we approach every wedding individually and we care, no matter the type and scale of the event, understandably, these types of events require more attention.

When booking this wedding planning service for your wedding in Croatia you can expect to get one of our team members, that is always available for you.

Based on the scale of the event, two or more team members would come to the location to coordinate the events taking place during your stay in Croatia.

Your involvement in the wedding planning itself depends on your availability and how much you want to be involved in the wedding planning.

Luxury weddings require more wedding planning than regular weddings, but also excesive coordination since in most cases we have more vendors then usual.

We also offer the styling of the wedding, a pre and post wedding events planning, group bookings of hotels for guests, planning additional acitivities, charting boats, you name it!

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Cost of a luxury wedding planner in Croatia

The wedding planning price for this type of event is usually 10% of your budget, with a minimum spend of 9.000,00 eu

Our prices have no hidden costs, all travel and acommodation is included for our team members. The prices change based on the number of guests, number of events, and number of our staff members needed.

When booking this service you get a wedding planner available for you whenever you need them. We provide logistical solutions to any extravagant idea a couple might have. We secure our staff for all before and after events to be there on site.

Our team is focused on creating a personal identity of the weddings. We design all the events so your destination wedding is truly customized.

We are here to guide you through the process. Also we are here to help you get the best value for money you intend to invest into your wedding.

We do understand events like this come with bigger budgets, but nonetheless, we are aware that the value for money invested needs to be a priority.

What can you expect from your Luxury wedding in Croatia?

You can expect an unique experience for both you and your guests.

Planning a multiday event in Croatia gives you the opportunity to host the events in multiple cities, villages, islands.

Every day of your stay can be a completely new experience for you and your guests.

Because of many location options, you can host a wedding in Croatia that was never seen before.

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