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Fort George

Forte George Vis is a wedding venue of your dreams. Want to plan a picture perfect wedding in Croatia? This is the place to be.

Fort George is located at Vis island in Croatia.

Wedding in Croatia

Even though the island of Vis has rich history, you might know it best from Mamma Mia 2.

Yes, you heard it well, the movie wasn’t filmed in Greece, it was actually filmed on the island of Vis.

Other than that, the island consists of:

Coastal towns such as Vis and Komiz

Inland smaller villages


Clear blue sea

Basically everything you need to have the best time at your destination wedding in Croatia.

At Vis island you’re not only planning a one day wedding, you’re planning a multi-day event. There’s so much to see and do, surrounded by the people you love the most.

From many tours, to delicious food

. You can spend your days in the sun and the clear blue sea, drinkng the best wine and just enjoying the good life.

All of these events and experiences lead to the big day, that is the crown of your stay on the island of Vis. The wedding day

On top of the hill in the town of Vis you will fall in love in Fort George.

fort george vis

This historic venue, overlooking the open sea, the woods, and the town of Vis, is the perfect choice.

For all couples looking for a special wedding venue that will be hard to top.

Fort George consists of three parts.

The courtyard (one of the choices for the ceremony)

The rooftop (usually used for cocktail hour)

The main area (another option for the ceremony spot, dinner area and a cool dance floor).

Regarding the food you will pick and choose the best options for you and your guests. From traditional Croatian food, to some international options, you can tailor your wedding anyway you like.

The drinks packages are divided by the schedule of the day( cocktail hour, dinner, party) and are unlimited.

There’s no minimum spend regarding the food and drink choices, but we’ll get to the money part later.

fort george vis

The sunsets in Fort George are to die for. Taking pictures of the sun “falling” into the sea is something you can’t really produce without natures help.

The soundsystem in Fort George is on pair with the soundsystems you can find in major European clubs. It is guaranteed to help you plan the perfect party.

The venue also has build in light systems, so there’s no need to hire an additional lights vendor.

The staff is one of the best on the Croatian coast. They are extremely professional, quick, polite and dedicated to their work.

From management, to the serves, you have nothing to worry about in a venue such as Fort George.

It’s no secret we as wedding planners are huge fans of this venue. Not only because it’s beauty, but also because we work very well with all the staff there.

Coming to the island of Vis and Fort George is like coming home to a lot of vendors and wedding planners in Croatia. Us included.

ceremony arch

Let’s talk money (and all the other details):

The venues is perfect for 70-150 guests

The venue rental fee is 6.000,00 eu. It covers the wedding day from 5 PM to 2 AM (set-up and clean up are free of charge).

The charge covers the venue rental, the tables, chairs, cutlery, soundsystem, lights (no additional vendor needed here). The value of this service is 2.000,00 eu.

The service charge is an additional 1.000,00 eu

The service charge covers the lights + sound technician, the set-up and clean up, and the service through the night.

You can pay for an earlier start (4 PM) and the price is 500,00 eu.

The average food menu price in Fort George for the day. Including cocktail hour, dinner and midnight snack is: 110 eu p/p

*There are no minimum spend in the food department.

You can save on the number of courses through the day.

The average drink price in Fort George (unlimited consumption, divided by the events in the day) is: 115,00 eu p/p

*Also no minimum spend, and you can save on the types of drink packages you choose.

The payments are divided into smaller payments made during the planning period.

Fort George vis

So you don’t pay a large sum of money all at once.

To get a better picture of the overall cost, hop up to our Cost of Wedding in Croatia page to do some math:
croatian island wedding

More about the Island of Vis

Getting there: To get to the island of Vis, you need to fly into Split airpot.

After you land into Split, you need to hop up on the ferry or the catamaran, and voila! You’re there.

Accommodation: The island of Vis doesn’t have a bunch of hotels and resorts.

There is one smaller hotel called San Giorgio

Other than the hotel, you can choose from a large selection of villas and airbnbs.

Your ideal accommodation can be in the town of Vis, or in one of the smaller places. It depends on the preference.

Transportation on the island:

To hop from one town to the other, you can use the local taxi service.

You can also rent a car or a moped.

In the towns itself, it’s recommended to walk.

You can’t really drive in the city centers, and everything is so close there’s no need to.

Some quick facts:

  1. The island isn’t crowded with tourists, you can walk freely.
  2. The island of Vis is very safe.
  3. The island of Vis is very kid and family friendly.
  4. It is easy to hop to other islands, and Split. Via the ferry or by private boat tours.
  5. The water is safe to drink, even though Vis is an island.

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