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Elopements in Croatia

Why Elope in Croatia?

Croatia is a great country for elopements. Even though some of the spots are quite crowded, there are still seculated places that work perfectly for this type of wedding.

Untouched nature, beaches, lighthouses, hills, historic sites, you name it Croatia has it all.

luxury wedding croatia

How to plan an elopement in Croatia?

Findning a Croatian wedding planner would be smart. Wedding planners know of all the hidden spots and options for your elopement in Croatia.

Also, wedding planners can connect you to vendors that specifically do elopements. This is especially important when it comes to photography. You want to book a photographer that’s adventurous and can work in all conditions. A lot of elopements require you to hike, or get on a boat at some point.

A wedding planner can also help you plan your romantic stay in Croatia before/after the wedding. Such as a romantic sailing trip, creating an intenirary and routes for you stay, suggesting restaurants to eat, places to visit.

elopements in croatia

Wedding planner price for elopements in Croatia

The price for elopements and micro weddings depends on if you need an on site coordinator or you don’t. In case you don’t need an on site coordinatior, then the price includes wedding planning, scheduling, budgeting etc. The supervision of the wedding is happening on the wedding day from a remote location.

Also, a wedding planner is quite helpful if you want a religios or civil ceremony. The wedding planner will help you with all the paperwork needed.

The price of an elopement wedding planner in Croatia

For remotely coordinated weddings you can expect to spend on average 1.800,00 eu

The price for an elopement wedding planner on site is 2.200,00 eu + travel and acommodation

elopements in croatia

The paperwork needed for a civil ceremony for elopements in Croatia

This varies nationality to nationality, but for most these are the rules:

Both you and your partner would need your birth certificate, valid passports and certificate of no impediment, all originals or certified copies.

Those documents need to be sent to a court ordered translator to the Croatian languange, and they need to have the apostile stamp.

The documents can’t be older than three months by the time elopements in Croatia happen.

After you’ve done all that, by that time you should have an exact location in Croatia in mind. All the documents have to be delivered via email to the registrar closest to the location.

You should also send copies of ID documents of your witnesses. If it’s just the two of you, your witness can be the photographer, the planner, or anyone else that’s involved in the wedding.

The documents have to be submitted at least 90 days before the wedding.

When you arrive to Croatia, a day or so before the wedding you have to go to the registrars office to confirm the marriage and fill in some documents. Here you will also need a court orderer translator present.

This is the only part that the wedding planner can’t help you out with.

On the day of the wedding you have to have the registrar present to perform the ceremony, along with a court orderer translator for your language.

If one of the partners is divorced or widowed, additional documentation will be needed.

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Religious Ceremony elopements in Croatia

If you’re planning for a religious elopement in Croatia, your location will be determined by the chapel.

Once you find the perfect chapel, the wedding planner has to contact the perish. There, you will get the priest.

You would need to deliver a valid passport, birth certificate, certificate of no impediment,

Along with that you’ll need to contact your local priest to perform a engagement course and give you a document stating they are okay with you marrying in another country.

All of this has to be delivered to the priest before the wedding.

At the wedding day, you also need a translator, but it doesn’t need to be court ordered.

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Symbolic Elopements in Croatia

Symbolic elopements in Croatia are the simplest way to preform the ceremony.

There are vendors in all parts of Croatia that are symbolic celebrants and they can help you with the ceremony.

You would meet with them via zoom before the wedding day, and they create a script specially for you based on that meeting.

elopements in croatia


  1. Betina cave Dubrovnik
  2. Blue cave Vis island
  3. Lighthouses (basically any Croatian island)
  4. Klis fort Split
  5. Komiža beach on Vis island
  6. Komiža fort Vis island
  7. Fort George Vis island
  8. Lokrum island Dubrovnik
  9. Dinara Croatia, mountain elopement
  10. National park Krka, elopement under the waterfalls
  11. Cetina kanyon elopement
  12. Island of Mljet elopement
  13. Badija Korčula (also known as the deer island)
  14. Pakleni otoci Hvar island
  15. French monestary Hvar island
  16. Biograd skywalk
  17. Dragons eye lake, Rogoznica
  18. Park Sustipan, Split
  19. Gallery Meštrović, Split
  20. Vidova Gora, Brač
  21. Bale city hall (a historic palazzo)
  22. Gospe od Prizidnice, Čiovo
  23. Private villas (all over Croatia)
  24. Grožnjan, Istria
  25. Plitvice lakes
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How much does an elopement in Croatia cost?

The total price depends on where you decide to elope in Croatia, what kind of ceremony you would like to have, what vendors would you like to have involved, is the elopement just the ceremony or a dinner as well.

Some average prices would be from 6.000,00 eu onwards. The average price of elopements in Croatia is 10.000,00 eu with dinner included, a civil ceremony, a wedding planner and photo + video.

croatia elopements

How do I know if an elopement is the right choice for me?

If you don’t like to be the center of attention, but still want a wedding elopements in Croatia is a great choice for you.

If you want a romantic wedding, but don’t want to spend a ton of money, then eloping might be the right choice.

And lastly, if you and your partner love to travel, this is a great way to combine traveling, getting married and maybe even staying for the honeymoon.

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Why is Tie the Knot Croatia the perfect wedding planner for your elopement?

We love elopements! There’s something insanely romantic about them. Also, it gives us a chance to wokr outside of the box and the whole of Croatia is our playground.

We also have great connections with all additional vendors that specialize in elopements in Croatia.

Other than that, we have traveled all around Croatia both for work and in our private time.

We have sailed to the most remote islands, ate at family owned restaurants you can’t find on Google maps, we know the culture and our connections are top notch.

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