dioklecian palace wedding

Dioklecian palace wedding

The Diocletian Palace Wedding Venue in Split, Croatia

Nestled within the ancient walls of Diocletian’s Palace in the heart of Split, Croatia, lies a hidden gem—the Diocletian Palace wedding venue. This historic wedding venue in Split might sound like a crazy idea at first, but it’s actually an unique wedding venue not only in Croatia, but in Europe.

A Glimpse into History

Ancient Roman Architecture

The Diocletian Palace, built by the Roman Emperor Diocletian in the 4th century AD, stands as a testament to the grandeur of the Romans Its basement, once used for storage and administrative purposes, now serves as a venue for weddings. As you step down the worn stone steps, you’re transported back in time—a feeling that no modern ballroom can replicate.

The Courtyard: Where Past Meets Present

The Diocletian Palace’s central courtyard, known as the Peristyle, is an architectural beauty. Surrounded by majestic columns, it’s a place where you feel like you’re a time traveler. The basement, accessible from the Peristyle, is the cherry on top. Imagine exchanging vows under the same arches where Roman emperors once walked—a connection to the past that creates an unique experience for all.

Why Choose the Diocletian Palace Basement?

Intimate Ambiance

The basement’s low ceilings, dimly lit passages, and ancient stone walls create an intimate and romantic atmosphere. Even though it’s not a sea view venue, you can plan your ceremony at one, and use the best of both worlds. With amazing lights and decor, this place can be transformed into a luxury wedding venue in a second.

Dioklecian palace wedding is truly a way to be unique with your destination wedding.

Practical Considerations

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Logistics and Accommodations

Dioclecian palace doesn’t offer acommodation on site, but there is a hotel nerby. When considering the Dioclecian palace as a wedding venue, keep in mind the rental fee only covers the space. You would need to hire a catering company additionally.

The price is set by the hour, at 350,00 eu. You’re looking at around 6.000,00 eu for the day.

Booking and Availability

Dioclecian palace is city owned so it’s not heavily promoted. You can find many available dates in the summer season. Keep in mind that the space is used for city events and art shows too, so you still need to plan ahead.

One important information is, when booking a city owned venue such as the Dioklecian palace wedding venue, it is essential you do it through a local planner.

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