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Why is Croatia a good alternative to Italy when planning a destination wedding?

Destination wedding in Italy

Destination weddings are becoming the norm in the wedding industry. Just a couple of years ago destination weddings were still a rare thing, while today it’s pretty standard to opt for one. When we talk about destination weddings in Europe, usually Italy is the first one to pop out as a desired country.

Italy is a beautiful country with so many different regions. They have developed their destination wedding industry so they can cater to all types of clients.

The only downside for Italy is it’s a very, very expensive location. And even though many articles will tell you, you can plan a destination wedding on a tight budget in Italy, the numbers don’t lie.

Even if you’re a big budget bride, depending on your wishes, your budget might get spent pretty quickly.

I as a Croatian was shocked at the prices of destination weddings in Italy. I get them, because of the demand and the status it’s almost expected to be as expensive. Still, when I started to do my research and compare the prices with Croatia, there’s a big difference.

Destination wedding in Croatia

Croatia is a pretty popular destination for many tourists, naturally with time, it became a popular destination for weddings as well.

And even though Croatia isn’t cheap, your Italian wedding budget can take you to many amazing places in Croatia.

Croatia isn’t a wedding destination for small budgets, and you will have a hard time here to plan your dream wedding on a tight budget, but with a medium budget for a wedding in Italy, you can easly get a Luxe wedding in Croatia.

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Let’s talk numbers

Some of the most popular regions for a destination wedding in Italy are:

  1. Lake como
  2. Amalfi Coast
  3. Puglia

Some of the most popular regions for a destination wedding in Croatia are:

  1. Dubrovnik
  2. Dalmatian coast
  3. Istria

Out of all the places in this list I would say Lake como is the most expensive place in Italy, while Dubrovnik is the most expensive in Croatia.

So today we will be comparing the average cost of things in both of these locations.

We will also plan a destination wedding for around 100 guests.

The average wedding budget for Lake Como would be between 90.000,00 eu – 450.000,00 eu according to Google.

While the average budget for a destination wedding in Dubrovnik would be 80.000,00 eu – 200.000,00 eu

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Venue prices for a destination wedding

Venue costs in Lake Como range from 12.000,00 eu to 198.000,00 eu (with acommodation)

Venue costs in Dubrovnik range from no rental fee to – 60.000,00 eu (with acommodation)

The most expensive venue in Dubrovnik is Fort Lawrence (doesn’t offer acommodation) and you can expect to pay around 20.000,00 eu for the rental of the space (both ceremony and reception).

The only more expensive option in the Dubrovnik region would be the rental of a private island, but still it’s not as expensive as the higher end Lake Como option.

Planner prices

In Lake Como you’re looking to spend 5.000,00 eu – 25.000,00 eu for a destination wedding planner

While in Dubrovnik you’re looking to spend 3.600,00 eu – 15.000,00 eu for a destination wedding planner.

The prices depend if the wedding is a High end wedding, or a regular wedding.

You can read the difference here:

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Photography + videography prices

For a destination wedding in Lake Como you’re looking to spend anywhere between 7.000,00 eu – 25.000,00 eu for a photographer

While in Dubrovnik you’re looking to spend 3.500,00 – 18.000,00 eu for a photographer.

The videographer prices in Lake como range from 5.000,00 eu – 12.000,00 eu

While in Dubrovnik you’re looking at 3.500,00 eu – 9.000,00 eu

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For a live band you are looking to spend around 10.000,00 eu in Lake Como, while you are looking to spend around 6.000,00 eu in Dubrovnik.

For a DJ you’re looking to spend around 4.000,00 eu in Lake Como, and 2.500,00 eu in Dubrovnik

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Florals + decor

This is a hard one to estimate since it depends on the amount of florals and decor you’re planning to have but let’s give it a go.

According to Google the floral prices in Lake Como are 12.000,00 eu – 60.000,00

While in Dubrovnik they are 10.000,00 eu – 25.000,00 eu

The florals we compared are on the lush, and luxe end of the spectrum. The kind of decorations you would see in Vogue weddings and all over Instagram.

Obviously for a more lower end floral work, you would spend less in both places.

Hair + Makeup for a destination wedding

For Bridal hair and makeup the average prices in Lake Como are 1.000,00 eu

While they are 500,00 eu in Dubrovnik (higher end stylists)

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Vendor quality

Italy has been in the destination wedding game for many, many years and they have been great at it. As a result you will find a great selection of vendors in Italy, and many of whom are one of the best in the world.

And while Croatia is on the destination wedding map for a while, it’s not in the game as long as Italy is. However, many Croatian vendors, venues and weddings have been praised by some of the worlds best wedding outlets and experts.

You can also find award winning vendors here, just not in the same amount as in Italy.

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If you have your heart set for a wedding in Italy, then the price tags won’t matter much. The most important thing is you get a destination wedding of your dreams.

But if you’re open to exploring other options in Europe, your Italian budget could give you a lot more here.

For some of the average budgets for Luxury weddings in Italy you could get so many extras in Croatia, so it is a destination worth considering for your destination wedding.

For an average budget in Italy, you can get plenty of add-ons in Croatia. Such as boat rides, additional events, fireworks, dancers, you name it.

If you want to discuss your Croatian destination wedding more contact us here:

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