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Cost of wedding planner in Croatia

When you’re planning a wedding in Croatia from abroad, hiring a wedding planner should be high on your list.

                             Today we are going to talk about wedding planner in Croatia price, what do we exactly do, and we will provide all the info you need to get started. 

Keep in mind these prices vary and also they are the prices for our company and don’t refer to other wedding planning companies.

A wedding planner in Croatia price based on their experience and knowledge, and prices generally vary between companies.

We try to price our services in a reasonable manner so we can be affordable but also so we can provide good quality of services.

Before we get to the prices there are some things you should know about Tie The Knot Croatia.

How much does a wedding planner in Croatia cost?

The wedding planner price in Croatia varies. Our prices start from 2.000 eu . The price includes planning and coordination. The price varies based on a couple of factors and is different from company to company.

Wedding planning prices

 Zagreb the minimum spend is 2.000 eu – average price is 2.500 eu 

The Dalmatian coast – the minimum spend is 2.500 eu – average price is 2.900,00 eu 

The islands the minimum spend is 2.700 eu  – average price is 3.000,00 eu 

Istria region the minimum spend is 2.300 eu – average price is 2.800 eu 

 Dubrovnik the minimum spend is 2.900 eu – average price is 3.400,00 eu


On site meetings include us spending the day with you on location, or us going to meetings on location in your name. On – site meetings are optional, meaning they are not required from venues, vendors or wedding planners in Croatia. They mostly happen on the clients request. 

On site meetings price: 

Zagreb meeting: 50 eu per meeting

Coast meeting: 450 eu per meeting 

Meeting on the islands: 550 eu per meeting

Meeting in Dubrovnik: 950 eu per meeting

What does a wedding planner in Croatia do? 

When you choose the full wedding planning package it includes the following: 

Video chat meetings to get to know eachother and to understand your vision better. 

Explaining the regions in Croatia, and how they differ.

Finding the perfect venue in Croatia for you 

Creating a Google sheet with everything you need in one place, including budgeting, guest lists, music lists, to – do lists, schedules etc.

Finding the perfect vendors in Croatia for you

Reading all the contracts and offers, so we are sure everything is reasonable, and has no hidden costs. 

 Creating moodboards with florists, and designers

Arranging paperwork for civil and/or religious ceremonies in Croatia

Arranging transportation for the day off, if needed.

Making sure everything is booked/paid on time. 

Making sure all vendors have the correct info before the wedding day

Coordinating the day off

the best wedding planner in croatia

Planning of additional events in Croatia 

such as: Pre wedding events, post wedding events,  planning of roadtrips and activities, looking for accomodation for guests

450,00 eu onwards *depending on the additional tasks, medium price is 550,00 eu per event 

Just coordination

If you’re keen on planning the wedding by yourself, but would like to have someone there the day off to make sure things run smoothly, you can choose the option to have only the coordinator, and not a full on planner. 

The coordination services start about two months before the wedding, you are required to send everything you booked up to that point, all contacts, correspondence, etc. Afterwards, we create the schedule and takeover communication with the vendors. We are there the day off to make sure everything is going according to plan. 

The coordination services prices are as follows: 

 Zagreb – 1.200,00 eu

Dalmatian coast  – 1.900 eu

 The islands – 2.200 eu 

Istria region – 1.900 eu

Dubrovnik – 2.500 eu

  • it’s important to keep in mind that in this service we don’t find and book vendors, we just coordinate them and create schedules for them. 

urbani eventi


The first video chat meeting is free of charge, and so are the first 4 emails. We try to give as much info as possible in this time. It is enough time for you to meet us, but also see your options for a wedding in Croatia. 

After the free period, if you feel you need more time to think about choosing us as your wedding planners, and you still have a bunch of questions, you can opt to book a consultation package. This package will provide you with two additional half hour meetings, and 5 more emails to answer all of your questions. If you decide to book us afterwards, the price is deducted from the final bill. 

This package also works for couples that wish to plan the wedding in Croatia by themselves, but have a lot of questions and don’t know where to start.

In this package we are helping you understand the regions in Croatia, venue options, paperwork for legal weddings, seasons etc. However, we do not provide moodboards, sheets, schedules, budgeting and vendor suggestions. 

The price for this service is: 

60,00 eu

We also offer planning services in Croatia for the following events: 


Micro weddings




Special dinners and occasions

  • The price is determined based on the number of people, the scale of the event, the locations of the event. 

About us: 

We are a young and energetic team that’s been in the wedding industry for 6 years.

We try to educate ourselves on all the categories needed for a perfect wedding, so we can pick the best vendors for our clients. With our enthusiasm and knowledge, we make dreams come true, and we try to be the best support system for our clients.

Wedding planning without packages

We don’t have many policies since we are pretty flexible.

But one of our main policies is we don’t do packages and “fast weddings”.

The reason behind this is we don’t want to offer copy-paste weddings to our clients.

Each season we book a smaller amount of clients and we provide unique weddings completely based on their personality and needs.

Additional info: 

The deposit is paid in the beginning and with signing our contract, you book your date.

The deposit amount depends on the service you choose. 

The rest of the payment is paid based on a payment plan we create together. There are multiple ways to go about this, and we choose the one that works for you. 


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