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Brown Beach – Wedding venue in Croatia

Brown beach is a very trendy and Instagramable wedding venue in Trogir Croatia.


Brown beach is located in a beautiful historic town of Trogir. Super close to the airport, and the town of Split, Trogir is an amazing place for a wedding.

You can feel the privacy and peace, but also be close to all the fun and possibilities of the town of Split.

The hotel itself is decorated in a modern, designer way, so it gives you a perfect backdrop for your wedding in Croatia.

Brown beach is the place to be for couples that want all of their friends stay at one place.

brown beach

Brown beach space and options


Regarding the actual wedding space, the Brown Beach consists of several parts and all of them are used for weddings.

The ceremony is usually held at the beach bar, right on the water. It is a perfect backdrop for a wedding ceremony in Croatia.

You have a direct view of the sea, and a beautiful view of the mountains.

At this beach ceremony in Croatia, you really do get the best of both worlds, both the sea and the mountains.

Cocktail hour

In Brown beach you can choose to have the cocktail hour in the beach bar, or you can move to the upstairs meadow.

The meadow is a beautifully curated space that provides natural shade, launge sofas, and a beautiful bar.

brown beach


The reception is held around the iconic pool. It usually consists of one long table (I love long tables) and if needed several banquet tables on the sides.

It can be re-arranged in many different ways, but this is the classical set-up.

The dinner by the pool at Brown beach is the perfect blend of a modern feel, with a touch of romance since you don’t loose the sea view.

The chef at Brown beach is a young, talented Croatian chef that is going to serve you an amazing fine dinning experience.

I just love,love,love his work, he is one of the rare chefs that can actually create beautifully decorated meals that taste like home.

brown beach


Depending on the number of people. You can have the party by the pool, or move the party to the meadow.

The meadow option is great in my opinion. You have a bar right there, and also the sofas give an opportunity for the older crowd to sit and relax, but still be a part of the party.

Plan B in case of bad weather

This is one of the rare wedding venues in Croatia that has an impressive outside space, but also a beautiful inside option in case of bad weather.

The perk of the inside option is that the wedding can last even longer, because no one around you can hear the party!

brown beach


Brown beach offers 59 beautifully decorated rooms. The rooms at the hotel have a very homey feel with a touch of luxury.

The minimum stay for privatisation of the hotel is two days.

This is a great option for many couples that want the accommodation to be right there where the wedding is going to take place.

Also, this way you are surrounded by the people you love for more than just one day.

The hotel also offers a beautiful spa, a pool, the closeness of the sea.

Let’s talk money!

If you go for the full privatization it gives you a perk that your wedding outside can last until 1 AM. If you move the party inside you party can last even longer.

The full privatization means you book out all the rooms in the hotel. However, you don’t need to pay for all the rooms. Your guests can cover their acommodation based on the room they want.

The price of full privatization of all 59 rooms depends on the month of the wedding.

You are looking at a price tag between 8.500,00 eu per night for all 59 rooms and 19.300,00 eu per night for all 59 rooms

The wedding menu price depends on the final choices but the prices are between 100,00 eu – 130,00 eu per person

And the drinks menu ranges between: 50,00 eu p/p – 120,00 eu p/p

The service fee is 10% of total F&B consumption.

Keep in mind if you need more than 70 chairs, and/or banquet tables you need to rent those additionally.

You can check our wedding in Croatia cost page to do some more math and see how much everything costs for your wedding in Croatia:


What to do in the town of Trogir?

Here are some ideas of what you can do in the town of Trogir

Trogir is a charming town in Croatia, located on a small island connected to the mainland by bridges. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, famous for its well-preserved medieval architecture and Venetian influence. If you are looking for a relaxing and scenic destination. Hre are some of the best things to do in Trogir:

  • Explore the historic center. Wander through the cobbled streets and admire the stunning buildings, such as the St. Lawrence Cathedral, the Kamerlengo Tower, the Cipiko Palace, and the Trogir City Loggia. You can also visit the Trogir City Museum. Housed in a former palace, to learn more about the town’s history and culture.
  • Enjoy the waterfront promenade. Stroll along the palm-lined Riva. There you can see the yachts and boats moored in the harbor. You can also find many cafes, restaurants, and shops along the way, where you can sample the local cuisine and buy some souvenirs.
  • Take a boat trip: Trogir is a great base for exploring the nearby islands and the Adriatic Sea. You can join a boat tour to visit the Blue Lagoon. A turquoise bay with crystal-clear water, or the Blue Cave, a natural wonder that glows with a blue light. You can also visit the island of Hvar, a popular destination with a lively nightlife and a rich history.
  • Relax on the beach. If you are looking for some sun and sand. You can cross the bridge to the island of Ciovo, where you can find many beaches and coves. You can swim, snorkel, or sunbathe, or try some water sports like jet skiing or kayaking.

Trogir is a beautiful town that offers a lot of attractions and activities for visitors. Whether you are interested in history, culture, nature, or fun, you will find something to enjoy in Trogir.


What to do in Split

Split is a vibrant and historic city in Croatia, located on the Adriatic coast. It is the second-largest city in the country and the largest in the region of Dalmatia. Split is known for its ancient Roman heritage. Especially the Diocletian’s Palace, which is one of the best-preserved monuments of Roman architecture in the world. Split also offers a variety of cultural, natural, and recreational attractions for visitors. Here are 10 things to do in the town of Split:

  • Visit the Diocletian’s Palace. This is the most iconic landmark of Split, built by the Roman emperor Diocletian in the 4th century AD as his retirement residence. The palace covers an area of about 9 acres and includes temples, mausoleums, courtyards, and gates. Today, the palace is a living museum. There you can explore the ancient ruins and the modern shops, cafes, and homes that are built within its walls.
  • Explore the Old Town. The Old Town of Split is a maze of narrow streets and alleys, filled with charming buildings, churches, and monuments. You can admire the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque styles of architecture. You can visit some of the highlights, such as the Cathedral of St. Domnius, the Peristyle Square, the Temple of Jupiter, and the City Museum.
  • Enjoy the Riva Promenade. The Riva is the main waterfront promenade of Split. There you can stroll along the sea and enjoy the views of the harbor and the islands. The Riva is also a lively spot, where you can find many restaurants, bars, and street performers. You can also catch a ferry or a catamaran to visit some of the nearby islands, such as Hvar, Brac, or Vis.
  • Relax on the Bacvice Beach. Bacvice is the most popular beach in Split, located near the city center and the ferry port. It is a sandy beach with shallow water, ideal for swimming and sunbathing. Bacvice is also famous for a local game called picigin. It involves tossing a small ball in the air and keeping it from falling into the water. You can join the locals or watch them play this fun and energetic game.
  • Hike the Marjan Hill. Marjan is a forested hill that rises above the city, offering a green oasis and a panoramic view of Split and the sea. You can hike or bike along the trails that lead to the top of the hill- There you can find a 15th-century chapel and a cafe. You can also visit some of the attractions along the way, such as the Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments, the Jewish Cemetery, and the Bene Beach.
  • Visit the Mestrovic Gallery: Ivan Mestrovic was a renowned Croatian sculptor, who lived and worked in Split for many years. The Mestrovic Gallery is a museum that displays some of his works, including sculptures, drawings, paintings, and furniture. The gallery is housed in a villa that was designed by Mestrovic himself. Surrounded by a beautiful garden overlooking the sea.
  • Taste the local cuisine: Split has a rich and diverse culinary scene, influenced by the Mediterranean, Italian, and Dalmatian traditions. You can taste some of the local specialties. Such as the soparnik (a savory pie with Swiss chard and cheese), the pasticada (a beef stew with prunes and gnocchi), the brudet (a fish soup with polenta), and the rozata (a caramel custard). You can also try some of the fresh seafood, cheese, olive oil, and wine that are produced in the region.
  • Shop at the Green Market. The Green Market, or Pazar, is a colorful and lively market that sells fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other local products. You can browse through the stalls and bargain with the vendors. Or just enjoy the sights and smells of the market. The market is open every day from early morning until afternoon. It is located near the eastern wall of the Diocletian’s Palace.
  • Watch the sunset at the Matejuska Pier. Matejuska is a small fishing pier that extends into the sea. Offering a stunning view of the sunset and the city lights. It is a romantic and peaceful spot. There you can sit on the rocks and watch the boats and the waves. You can also find some bars and restaurants nearby. Where you can have a drink or a meal and enjoy the night.

You can also visit the town of Omiš and its beautiful Cetina kanyon, and the islands such as Brač, Hvar, Vis

kanjon cetine

Where to eat in Trogir and Split?

  • Restaurant Sv. Dominik: A Mediterranean, Croatian, and European restaurant that is situated on a terrace overlooking the sea. With a stunning view of the old town.
  • Il Ponte: A Mediterranean, European, healthy, and Croatian restaurant that serves homemade pasta, pizza, salads, and meat dishes, such as lasagna, carbonara, and chicken curry.
  • Restoran Pasike: An Italian, healthy, and Croatian restaurant that serves authentic and delicious dishes, such as soparnik, pasticada, and brudet.
  • Restaurant Royal: A Mediterranean, European, Croatian, seafood, and Central European restaurant. It offers a fine dining experience, with dishes such as lobster, scallops, and duck breast.
  • Pizzeria Kristian: An Italian, pizza, seafood, Mediterranean, European, and Croatian restaurant, It serves thin and crispy pizzas, as well as salads, pasta, and meat dishes.
  • Konoba Fortin: A barbecue and Croatian restaurant that serves grilled meat, fish, and vegetables, such as cevapi, pljeskavica, and mixed grill.
  • Bubalus Burger Bar: An American and bar restaurant that serves juicy and flavorful burgers, as well as fries, onion rings, and salads.
  • Laganini: A seafood and Croatian restaurant with a beautiful view of the sea and the islands.
  • Adriatic Sushi & Oyster Bar Split: A Japanese and seafood restaurant that serves fresh oysters, sushi, and other Asian dishes.
  • Portofino: A Croatian and international restaurant that specializes in grilled dishes, such as steaks, burgers, and ribs.
  • CHOPS GRILL Steak & Seafood: A steakhouse and seafood restaurant that serves high-quality meat and fish, cooked to perfection.

Clubbing in Split and Hvar


  • Central Park Club: A coffee shop by day and a live music venue by night. With a variety of genres and performers.
  • CHOPS GRILL Steak & Seafood: A steakhouse and seafood restauran. It turns into a dance club after midnight, with DJs and a lively atmosphere.
  • ZOI: A fine dining restaurant that offers a rooftop terrace. With a stunning view of the sea and the Diocletian’s Palace, and a nightclub with a VIP lounge and a cocktail bar.
  • Fabrique Pub: A pub and a nightclub that features live bands, karaoke nights, and themed parties.
  • Vanilla Club: A modern and stylish club that hosts local and international DJs, as well as concerts and events.
  • Inbox Bar: A cozy and friendly bar that offers a variety of drinks, snacks, and games, such as darts, billiards, and foosball, as well as live music and DJ sets.
  • Ghetto Club: A unique and alternative club that is located in a former monastery. With a courtyard and a gallery, and a diverse music program, from rock and jazz to reggae and hip hop.
  • Tropic Club Split: A beach club that is situated on the Bacvice beach. With a pool, a bar, and a stage, where you can enjoy the sun, the sea, and the music.
  • Academia Club Ghetto: A sister club of the Ghetto Club, that is located in the basement of the Diocletian’s Palace. With a medieval and Gothic vibe, and a mix of electronic and alternative music.
  • Jungla: A club that is inspired by the jungle theme, with a tropical decor, a waterfall, and a palm tree. It plays a variety of music genres, from house and techno to R&B and funk.

Clubbing in the town of Hvar


  • Carpe Diem Bar: A legendary bar that is located on the harbor of Hvar. With a seafront terrace, a lounge area, and a cocktail bar, where you can enjoy the sunrise and the sunset.
  • Carpe Diem Beach: A beach club that is located on the island of Stipanska. You can take a boat from the Carpe Diem Bar. Enjoy the day and the night, with a pool, a restaurant, a bar, and a dance floor.
  • Hula Hula Bar: A beach bar that is situated on the west coast of Hvar. With a stunning view of the sea and the Pakleni islands. There you can relax on the sunbeds, sip on the cocktails, and dance to the music.
  • Pink Champagne Hvar: A chic and glamorous club that is located in the center of Hvar. With the pink and gold decor, a VIP lounge, and a champagne bar, where you can party with the celebrities and the jet-setters.
  • Kiva Bar: A fun and lively bar that is located in a small alley near the main square of Hvar. With a colorful and quirky decor, a friendly staff, and a signature drink, the Kiva shot.
  • Ka’Lavanda Music Bar: A music bar that is located in a stone house near the harbor of Hvar. With a cozy and elegant interior, a terrace, and a cocktail bar. There you can listen to the live bands and the DJs.
Wedding in Croatia


Planning a wedding in Trogir gives you the best of both worlds. The peace of a smaller historical town, and the excitement of all the nerby places.

Planning a wedding in Croatia at Brown beach is a great idea to keep all your loved ones close by to you. Your wedding at brown beach would be stylish, modern, with a great fine dinning experience and of course an amazing party.

Keep in mind we at Tie the knot plan not just the weddings, but the pre and post wedding events if needed. We can plan acitvities, dinners, clubbing etc. for a perfect wedding stay in Croatia.

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