2024 wedding trends

2024 Wedding Trends

2024 wedding trends are all about making the experience fun for everyone involved. Traditions and protocols are being left behind, and personalized fun weddings are in.

In 2024 the customer experience is in focus, so no wonder the same is being projected in the wedding industry. 2024 couples are focused on the experience their guests will have at their wedding.

This is a no-brainer for me, I have been talking about it for years. Weddings are a great opportunity to create a day that reflects you as a couple, but also is a great experience for all involved.

And whatever the 2024 wedding trends are, the point is you do you. It’s your day, your money, your time, you shouldn’t follow trends just because everyone else does, you should create an event that fits your vibes the best. We created this list only as a source of inspiration (and because some of these are really cool), not as a must have at all weddings.

2024 wedding trends are pretty unique, but if everyone starts doing them, the uniqueness will soon fade.

So what’s in and whats out in 2024 wedding trends? Stick with us and find out

  1. Mixing Food with Flowers, making them part of the design.

Boy, do I have a lot to say about this. Many years ago when I was working as a florist I tried so hard to push this as an design choice for wedding centerpieces. To cut a long story short, I was considered a bit crazy for suggesting mixing food with florals. It was a green + white era, and the rustic mason jars were still in.

I have to say I am super happy it’s a 2024 wedding trend, because I can finally see so many cool designs on the topic.

Mixing fruit and vegetables with florals is actually a pretty old thing. It was done at palaces a long,long time ago. You can see a bunch of examples in the history of Dutch art, and it’s just stunning. Mixing some fruits and vegetables with your centerpieces won’t break your bank, and is a cute way to make the weding design feel more natural. Making food a part of the design, creates a very warm and welcoming vibe. Imagine having a family dinner feeling during the reception part of the day, and then the best party ever for the party part of the night. For me, it’s the best of both worlds.

2. Colorblocking is back as a 2024 wedding trend

I do have a soft spot for color bloking, and so happy to see it back as a 2024 wedding trend.

It was in a couple of years ago, as the beginning go-to design for boho brides. This was before boho went down the sad beige road, and boho brides were really into color and flowers in their hair. Today, the color blocking is coming back, but in a more sophisticated way. Colors are being mixed in a way they still look elegant and fun. It’s not about mixing a bunch of colors anymore, there’s a lot of focus from designers on actual color schemes so they make sense.

I have a theory that mixing colors such as red and pink create a look that looks more expensive and luxe, for basically the same price as mixed flower colors.

So this is a hell yes from me.

3. Vintage Everything

Millenials are getting married and they are in love with everything vintage.

As a proud millenial myself, I totally get it. Owning a 63′ Polaroid camera, and a 67′ turn table, collecting vintage trinckets etc. I do get the sentiment.

And even though a lot of photographers would have something to say, this 2024 wedding trend is mostly seen in the photo + video department.

Film Wedding Photography

Having a photographer that can do both film and digital is a jackpot in 2024 weddings. This service will cost you a bit more, but if you’re really into vintage stuff it’s totally worth it.

There’s just something really cool in having rolls of film developed and shipped to you in physical form.

film wedding photography

Messy, imperfect photography style

Many, many years ago when we all played with photo cameras a lot of photos turned out to be blurry as hell. Today, that is something we look at with nostalgia in our eyes. In a weird twist of events this became a wedding trend too. I like it here and there, but I am not thrilled with the idea of a full wedding gallery that’s blurry. A good balance between clean photography and imperfect photos would be a way to go for me.

messy photography wedding

Flash Photography

Using a lot of flash in wedding photography has been a thing for a season or two now, but I see it as a huge 2024 wedding trend.

Flash is great because everyone looks prettier, the photos look more fun, and with the right photographer it can also look luxurious.

flash photography

Documentary style photography

Documentary style photography is I would dare to say one of the biggest 2024 wedding trend.

What does it even mean? It means, the focus is on all the natural moments happening through the day.

It’s not just about the people and their true emotions, it’s also about capturing details in a less staged way.

Be ware of one thing, even though this is going to sound contradictory, but a lot of these “documentary style” photos are also staged.

They aren’t staged as they used to be, the staging feels more natural and reflects the couple, but it’s still staged.

When you see a wedding ring placed in a bowl of fruit, it didn’t accidentaly fall down into something that just happens to look great, it was made that way.

My point is, documentary photography is great. I love seeing galleries with a bunch of imperfect, but in a way perfect moments and details.

Just keep in mind a touch of editorial style can do wonders, especially in a couples photoshoot.

Wedding in Croatia

Cinematic videography style, the return of Super8

I remember one of our first weddings we planned, and the cinematic videography style the bride wanted.

It was almost impossible to find a video example of it, and even harder to find a videographer in Croatia that can do it.

We did it, and it remains one of my favorite wedding videos ever.

These wedding videos look super cool, they don’t follow the regular form of a wedding video, and it is totally different in concept than the wedding videos you have seen before.

This is a great choice for couples that are SURE they won’t miss the traditional approach to wedding videography.

Also, it’s important to find a vendor that can actually do it.

Cinematic videos can be made without Super8 that is mentioned everywhere, there’s a bunch of other ways to film a video like that.

I must admit though, the Super8 ones look pretty cool.

super8 wedding film

4. Disco balls

On the topic of vintage, disco balls are back!

Disco balls mixed with stationery, disco balls mixed with florals, disco balls everywhere.

They are a pretty cool addition for relaxed couples that love the vibe. I tisn’t for everyone though, so don’t fall into the trend if you think it’s nice, but it isn’t really your style.

I love them because I love the way they reflect light, and I feel it looks kinda dope with florals.

5. Bows

Bows are having a comeback in the most unusual way. We can see them as part of the stationery, as cute details on wine/martini glasses.

I personally love them the best in a white and black combo, I think it’s a cute little detail to make the design a bit less classic.

6. Live painters

Live painters started out as a unique addition at your wedding, now they are almost becoming the norm.

They started out as mostly painting the first dance, or the ceremony and such.

As a 2024 trend, we will see them evolve beyond that.

Live painters in 2024 will have a lot on their plate painting the views, the guests etc.

Little guest portraits make such a good (and expensive) gift for them to take them home.

7. Movie projectors as a backdrop

This trend is really specific and in my opinion it’s reserved only for couples that are really into movies, or have a story about a specific movie.

Buuuut, I have to say I love it.

Imagine having a wedding in a historic fort, and while people are having dinner your first date movie is being projected as a backdrop.

In this case, it’s not here to be really watched, usually the sound is off, but it’s such a pretty detail to make the night even more special.

wedding movie

8. Guest experience

At the beginning of this blog post we were talking about how the experience of the guests is a priority now.

If they are having fun, you bet the couple will too.

For me this is a no brainer since forever, but let’s remember the Bridezilla era where it was all about the bride for years.

I do like the switch that happened. I think it’s mostly because the wedding guests from that era, are getting married now, and they want to provide a better experience for all involved.

These are the most prominent 2024 wedding trends that are focused on the guests.

Gifts for guests

Gifts for guests were little trikets for the longest time. There are countless online meme’s about how you have a box for them and never look at them again.

In 2024 wedding trends we see a shift. Gifts for guests are actually becoming something that guests can enjoy.

One of my favorite ideas is the live painter one, or a package with afterparty food + drinks for the guests to take home and have a little treat before bed.

When planning a destination wedding, one of the cool options would be to gift something from that country so guests can remember not only your wedding, but the whole trip.

If you’re planning for a wedding in the summer or early fall, all gifts that can help your guests feel comftorable and cool down, are winners.

wedding gifts for guests

Destination weddings

Even though this might be a controversal one, because not all guests want to travel to a foreign country for your wedding, it can actually be a great experience for the guests too.

It all depends on how you approach your destination wedding.

If you plan multiple days of activities for your guests (while respecting their downtime along the way) it is a great experience for them too!

When planning a destination wedding you should really think about who you’re inviting. Not all guests want or can travel to another country, and that’s okay!

Not all of your friends and or family are into travel, and that’s okay to0!

If you plan it for the right reasons, without pressuring anyone, then yes, destination weddings are a great experience for all.

Ultimately destination weddings end up being an intimate affair, with the closest people and family that mostly all know eachother.

Wedding in Croatia

Fun Corners, food trucks etc

In 2024 we will forget about forcing our guests to fill your guest book, and we will be focused on providing delights in little details they will remember forever.

Espresso, beer, food trucks, glitter stations, lounges on the dance floor etc. are in and they are amazing!

Providing things like these will guarantee your guests will be excited and feel pampered. It’s something new, and it’s something fun.

Less formality more fun

One of my favorite 2024 trend is the switch in schedules, timelines etc. Not all weddings should follow the same protocols, and that’s something we learned many years ago.

More relaxed approach to a wedding is not only great for the guests, it takes a lot of stress from the couple as well.

The getting ready part of the day can turn into a brunch, with music, drinks, comfort food.

Bridesmaids don’t have to all wear the same color or style of the dress if they don’t feel comfortable in them.

The ceremony can be short and sweet.

The wedding protocol can be relaxed so you don’t feel rushed, and guests don’t feel pressured to stop mingling because the timeline says so.

Breaking the rules of wedding planning, to make the day personal and fun for all is the 2024 wedding trend that doesn’t cost anything, but it means a lot.

9. The return of the classic elegancy as a 2024 wedding trend

Even though elegancy and luxury can come in all colors, shapes and forms, for the more classic couples the all white and white + black style is back!

For many many years this style was considered “boring” but I am glad it’s having a comeback.

Classic styles will never be out in my opinion, they are timeless and even though colors are fun, they aren’t for everyone.

10. Quirky stationery as a 2024 wedding trend

The days of all stationery looking the same are behind us.

In recent years stationery has become a serious part of wedding design.

Depending on your preferred style, the stationery would be designed to match the whole look.

This maybe sounds like such an obvious thing, but in reality up until a couple of years ago stationery was just a simple table number and unpersonalized menu.

Today stationery can be anything you want. From a full on instalation, to a drawing of a place card on a tablecloth. There’s really no limitations when it comes to wedding design in 2024.

11. Smaller wedding cakes and smaller bouquets

While some of these wedding trends are big and flashy, a lot of the things are actually getting smaller.

The wedding cake is one of them. In 2024 wedding trends we see the wedding cake getting smaller, there’s really no point in a huge wedding cake that doesn’t tast as good and you throw a bunch of it away by the end of the day.

In 2024 the wedding cakes are getting smaller, but so are the wedding bouquets.

2024 weddig trends

Wedding bouquets in 2024

The 2024 wedding trends lists are mentioning smaller wedding bouquets. This makes total sense since huge bouquets are often heavy and impractical. Also some of them tend to look tacky. Having a smaller bouquet is definately the way to go.

2024 wedding trends in conclusion

All of these wedding trends are pretty cool and exciting.

The wedding world in 2024 will be filled with creativity, personalization and the point is to be as unique and true to yourself as possible.

However, to really have a personalized wedding in 2024, it’s important for the event to reflect who you are as a couple.

There’s no point in blindly following trends because they look great on social media.

At the end of the day, you plan your wedding to celebrate your love with the ones closest to you, not to have a picture perfect wedding that you don’t actually like.

The biggest wedding trend in 2024 if staying true to who you are.

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