Wedding in Croatia

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Why plan a destination wedding in Croatia?

Traditional weddings are a thing of the past. Plan your perfect destination wedding today.

Wedding in Croatia

The wedding day, is the most important day for the couple. Why not share it with your loved ones on a special location such as Croatia?

With countless islands and cities to choose from, different regions with different vibes, the insanely beautiful nature, crazy good food and wine, friendly locals, and rich history, you can live your best wedding dreams right here in Croatia.

Your wedding in Croatia can be whatever you want it to be.

Modern day weddings should be fun, and an experience rather than strictly sticking to the traditions. Why should a wedding last a day, when it can last a week on a new location?

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Destination weddings give you the opportunity to combine travel with your special day, and with your personal touches you let all the people around you into your world, while having the best time of your life exploring new places, food, enjoying the sunshine and the sea etc.

Because every couple is different here's the first thing you need to know about us:

We. Don't. Do. One. Package. Fits. All. Weddings.

Meaning, every wedding is tailored specifically for the couple. Every wedding is unique and tells its own story.

wedding in croatia

Let's get your started with planning the perfect wedding in Croatia

Wedding in Croatia

"Where do I start? It's impossible to write a review for Irma & her team in only a few short words. We met over video call 3 years ago and it's been an epic journey ever since. There was never a request too insane or wild from me as the bride that Irma and her team didn't evaluate what's possible. I'm so thankful for the most incredible wedding or shall I say festival in July of 2023 at Fort George. Irma and her team were kind, ambitious, creative, efficient, cost effective, thoughtful and all around life savers. "


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1st Find a wedding planner in Croatia

Nice to meet you, but all jokes aside, here's what you need to look for in a wedding planner:

A good wedding planner is sooo worth it.

When planning a destination wedding it is important to have someone local by your side.

It's not just the language barrier (most locals in Croatia speak pretty good English), it's about understanding the culture, the laws, knowing the best places to eat, the best tours to book, all the hidden gems regular visitors don't see. It's about knowing all the best vendors, performers, chef's...

Other than the connections, a local wedding planner serves as a bridge between your culture and the Croatian one.

A good wedding planner aimes to combine the two to get the perfect mix.


It's important to find someone you actually like, since you will be spending A LOT of time communicating.

You can contact us anytime via our email: to get our starter PDF, you can fill out or form and/or schedule a meeting to see if we're the right fit

Wedding planner in croatia

. "Despite the distance between the UK and Croatia, Irma flawlessly coordinated every aspect of our wedding. Her professionalism and attention to detail were top-notch, and her communication was prompt and reliable throughout the entire planning process."


2nd You need to decide where in Croatia you want to marry

Croatia offer so many diverse locations to choose from for your wedding, it can get overwhelming soon. The first step you need to concure is the region you want to get married in.

You can choose from the inland Croatia (suitable for the off season October-April), the region isn't on the Adriatic sea but offers a beautiful scenery for autumn and winter weddings.

Dalmatia region (places such as Split, Hvar, Vis etc)

This region has a very Mediterranean vibe and a lot of the most popular island are in it. You can choose from the sea side venues, up-hill ones, vineyards, historical venues, villas, and many many more. Split airport is very well connected so it shouldn't be a problem to fly to the region. The region offers many fun activities you can plan before/after the wedding. From nature activities, tours, clubbing, you name it. It's also super easy to go from one place to the other.

Hvar wedding venue

Istria region is perfect for all seasons. Istria region resembles Italy a lot, it's the part of Croatia where everything is pure romance.

You can choose from vineyard wedding venues, stone villas, amazing taverns and restauraunts, and a couple of modern hotels/resorts. Istria is a hedonistic region, perfect for couples looking into a relaxing destination for their wedding.

Dubrovnik I feel like the town of Dubrovnik doesn't need tobe introduced anymore. The most popular place in Croatia, with beautiful smaller towns and islands close to it. The Dubrovnik airport is well conected. Most venues are historical, but with a little digging you can find all styles of wedding venues there. Dubrovnik offers it all in one place, from luxury to hedonism. This is the place you can get married on literal movie/tv shows sets, and bring your wedding to a whole other level.

To receive our PDF with venues by region, contact us via email.

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3rd You need to choose your vendors

Andre Brown Sax

"The vendors that we secured were just the absolute best, everyone single one of them was just perfect ! Even with a last minute change of plans due to weather the day was just the best day ever and we’re so so thankful we chose tie the knot to help us plan our most special day ! Couldn’t recommend Irma more !!!"


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Our vendors lists consist of tried out vendors that have performed amazingly at our weddings. We try to match the perfect vendor for the couple individually every time. There's no one fits all option when it comes to wedding vendors.

When it comes to the types of vendors we can secure for your wedding, we can do it all! From various musicians, photographers, videographers, designers, florists, make up and hair artist, to more unsusual choices such as live painters, dancers, food trucks, unsuual photobooths etc. You name it, we have a contact for it.

Urbani eventi

In Croatia you can find a lot of world quality vendors.

They all speak very good English so you won't have a problem communicating with them (or your planner can do that for you).

One of the keys to a good wedding are the people working on it.

Having a good relationship with venue owners, locals and vendors are key. This is the hill I am willing to die on.

Unmotivated, overworked vendors that aren't treated right, can really affect the mood at a wedding.

That is why we stay in touch with locals, venue owners and wedding vendors through the year.

We maintain and nourish our relationships with everyone we work with. This approach has proven to be extremely important when the wedding day comes. We are known as planners who provide the best vendors, but also as planners with whom all involved LOVE to work.

We aim to create a professional setting, but with a feeling of community and family for all of our vendors, with the goal of them providing the best service to you.

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4th You need to define your wedding style

wedding in croatia
marija laća
wedding florist in croatia

"Irma really listened to what we wanted and then made it happen! I found other wedding planners didn’t really listen when we were initially meeting with them, but that wasn’t the case with Irma! She has a really friendly demeanour that you warm to quickly"



Finding the perfect style for your wedding is maybe the most fun part of wedding planning. We encourage our clients to ditch the norms and focus on their personal style. Adding personal touches to the wedding can not only be unique, but it gives your guests the opportunity to get to know you even better as a couple. Creating the design for a wedding is one of the favorite parts of my job. When everything comes together in style from the cake, to the stationery, flowers and all the little details, my heart feels full. You can get inspired by our moodboards here, or we can create a whole new style for you on our wedding planning journey.

Todays weddings are so much different, then the traditional ones we are made to believe are the norm.

Modern weddings are all about personality and experience, a family dinner mixed with an insane party, all with details that represent the couple and tell a story.

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5th Land in Croatia with your friends and family. Don't forget to have fun!

If needed, we plan additional acitivities, events and tours so you can literally just land in Croatia and enjoy stress-free.

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Yeah, okay you got us, we skipped several boring steps.

Such as schedules, budgets, all the vendors lists, food choices etc. But, that's only because we do most of those things for you, and the ones we need you for we have systems to make it as easier as it can be.

When you plan your wedding in Croatia without stress, and you have fun while doing it, coming here is going to make the experience even better.

Our goal is to give our clients an experience of having fun through the whole journey.

From the first meeting, to the wedding day.

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Let's get down to business

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"It was more complicated than we expected to find a wedding planner in Croatia as we didn't live there and didn't know any of the local providers or prices. When we had our first phone call with Irma, we were immediately on the same page, Irma seemed to be super dynamic and we quickly understood that she was the wedding planner we needed, the person who was going to accompany us on this wonderful trip. The only one we felt we could entrust with one of the most beautiful and important days of our lives. Irma and her team are great professionals."


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